South Africa’s First Skincare Range For Your You Know What…

South Africa’s first intimate skincare range, SKINSTEM, is here to show ladies how to not be shy and openly care for the skin in their intimate area.


  • The creator of South Africa’s very first intimate skincare range is Medical Pharmacist and Founder, Shaista Sophia.
  • Shaista explains that most people don’t think about giving their V-area a skincare routine—and with good reason.
  • Generally people are taught that the skin down there is sensitive and shouldn’t be messed with.
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Most would consider their skincare routine consisting of face cleansing, applying some sort of cream or moisturiser and then a splash of body lotion. Some might even include some exfoliation of arms and legs as part of the regime. But what about the skin down there?


Skincare for the V-area has actually become quite popular. From cleansers to exfoliators and even serums, SKINSTEM looks to bring this trend to South Africa’s shores with a local skincare brand manufactured for the V-area. SKINSTEM’s smartly developed product range aims to address pigmentation, ingrown hairs, and scarring on the V-area without irritating the skin down South.

Before you start skincare for your V-area, it is helpful to know what the common skin concerns are for that area as well as what products you will need to start off with.

// SKINSTEM Founder and Medical Pharmacist, Shaista Sophia


The skin around the V-area is quite thin and also susceptible to pigmentation, scarring and can develop sensitivity due to shaving, waxing and certain clothing. Common skin concerns that both men and women may experience is hyper-pigmentation, ingrown hairs, skin texture and dryness.


SKINSTEM Founder and Medical Pharmacist, Shaista Sophia. Image: SKINSTEM

As a starting point, it is useful to consider:

  • An effective and gentle exfoliator that can double up as a cleanser. A V-Exfoliator is a double mechanical and enzymatic exfoliator that gently helps promote skin resurfacing to leave the skin feeling renewed. This is an important first step to remove dead skin cells as well as release any trapped hair follicles in the skin. By exfoliating daily, it will refine the skin tone and texture while easing ingrown hairs with naturally occurring AHAs and soft exfoliant beads. Dull skin cells are gently swept away, revealing a fresh, glowing v-area. Also, look for products that are paraben, sulphate and colorant free.
  • The natural second step is a mild, hydrating moisturiser with anti-pigmentation and brightening properties. This will help with improving dryness, hyperpigmentation, skin and hair texture as well as softening coarse hair and regrowth. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Vitamin B5, B6, and Vitamin C for optimal moisture, skin elasticity, and brightening of the skin.
  • Shaving, plucking, or waxing your V-area will cause skin laxity and uneven tone therefore you will need an effective V-Serum to brighten and protect. A multi-molecular weight serum will deliver long-lasting moisture, assist in reducing dehydration, restoring firmness and soothing the skin while creating a beautiful soft glow.

Protecting our skin, whether on our face, body or bikini line is very important. Our skin is our biggest organ and no matter where on our body, it needs the same amount of TLC to ensure we are protected, allowing us to feel our best – everyday.

// SKINSTEM Founder and Medical Pharmacist, Shaista Sophia


SKINSTEM products are proudly South African, vegan and cruelty free and packed with a range of benefits.


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