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Sandton Times Hour Edition 154 Radio & Podcast Show Notes

The weekly Sandton Times Hour is a Sandton magazine show that brings the wanted online pages of The Sandton Times to life. As the only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, this Sandton magazine show is packed with an array of entertaining and informative interviews blended with the best music, every week on Mix 93.8, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Ray Mahlaka, Journalist with the Daily Maverick discusses how media is funded following the April 15 website shut down.
  • Writer, Actor & Producer, Brent Palmer, chats about the play ‘King George’ coming to the Theatre on The Square on Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton.
  • Callum Hitchcock, Savanna Newcomer Award recipient at the 11th Annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards, reflects on his win.
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The Sandton Times offers readers all they ever wanted online, and The Sandton Times Hour is the go-to weekly magazine show broadcast from greater Sandton. The Sandton magazine show features fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment, business and so much more beyond the borders of greater Sandton. In 2023, the radio show and podcast was selected by Feedspot panellists at #15 on a ranking of Top 40 South Africa Podcasts on the web.


In this week’s show [Edition 154 | Week 17] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:


How Media Is Funded With Daily Maverick Journalist Ray Mahlaka

Sandton Times Hour
Over the past 15 years, South Africa has witnessed a staggering loss of nearly 70% of its news media workforce, signaling a systemic failure with far-reaching consequences. Image: Daily Maverick

On April 15, 2024, Daily Maverick, a prominent independent national news and investigative journalism publisher, ceased its operations temporarily. This unprecedented move was not made lightly but was a deliberate attempt to draw attention to the dire state of journalism globally and its profound impact on society.


The decision reflects the sobering reality of a journalism industry in crisis, which poses significant threats to South Africa’s democratic fabric and economic stability. With newsrooms facing closures and journalist retrenchments becoming commonplace, the sector is teetering on the brink of collapse.


Journalism has long been a bulwark against corruption and malfeasance, playing a pivotal role in exposing scandals like State Capture and holding power to account. The absence of robust investigative reporting would not only impede democratic governance but also hinder economic progress. Daily Maverick’s shutdown underscores the critical need for sustained support from the public, business community, and policymakers to safeguard the vital role of journalism in society.


Despite efforts to communicate the severity of the crisis, many remain unaware of its profound implications. By suspending operations, Daily Maverick aims to spark widespread awareness and mobilize action to address the underlying challenges facing the industry.


The shutdown serves as a wake-up call, emphasizing the urgent need for financial support and policy reform to create an enabling environment for journalism. Legislative measures such as tax incentives and subsidies are proposed to bolster the viability of news media organizations and ensure their continued contribution to public discourse and accountability.


Without a concerted response, the consequences of journalism’s collapse would be dire. South Africa’s democratic institutions would deteriorate, paving the way for unchecked corruption, deteriorating public services, and economic decline. Daily Maverick’s temporary closure serves as a stark reminder of the existential threat facing journalism and the imperative for collective action to preserve its vital role in society.


‘King George’ Coming To The Theatre On The Square With Writer, Actor & Producer, Brent Palmer

Sandton Times Hour
Brent’s dark comedic writing style shines through in ‘King George’, adding layers of depth and wit to the narrative. Image: The Sandton Times

Prepare to be enthralled by Brent Palmer’s latest theatrical masterpiece, “King George,” as it graces the stage of the Theatre on the Square from 23 April 2024 to 4 May 2024. This urban drama, penned by Fleur Du Cap winning actor and playwright Brent Palmer, promises a gripping narrative filled with suspense and intrigue.


‘King George’ has garnered rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, with praises showered upon its stellar performances and gripping storyline. Critics have hailed it as a “fight to the death” and a “biting morality play,” showcasing Palmer’s knack for crafting compelling narratives.


The play delves into the intense confrontation between Shane Wyntock, a suave CEO with bold ambitions for Lower Woodstock, and George Megalos, a controversial strip club owner determined to protect his turf. As tensions escalate and secrets unravel, audiences are drawn into a high-stakes battle of wills that keeps them on the edge of their seats.


Paired with the talents of seasoned actors Brent Palmer and Clyde Berning, who portray George Megalos and Shane Wyntock respectively, the play promises an electrifying performance that captivates from start to finish.


Both Brent and Clyde bring a wealth of experience to their roles, having graced the stage in numerous acclaimed productions. From mainstream to independent theatre, their performances have consistently garnered praise and accolades.


‘King George’ is set to dazzle audiences with its fast-paced narrative and sharp dialogue, offering a riveting theatrical experience for all. With an age restriction of 13 years due to explicit language, this production invites audiences to immerse themselves in a world of tension, drama, and unrelenting suspense.

Don’t miss your chance to witness the electrifying showdown of ‘King George’ at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton. Secure your tickets online through Computicket or directly through the theatre and prepare to be swept away by an unforgettable theatrical experience.


Savanna Newcomer Award Recipient With Callum Hitchcock

Sandton Times Hour
Each Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards recipient was handed the sought-after Waldo trophy, a testament to their exceptional contributions to the comedy landscape. Image: Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards

The South African comedy scene shone brighter than ever as luminaries from the industry gathered to commemorate the 11th Annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards.


The festivities commenced with Mojak Lehoko, the show’s esteemed writer, setting the stage for an evening brimming with humour and camaraderie under the theme, ‘Don’t You Just Love South Africa!’ Mpho ‘Popps’ Modikoane, the charismatic host, kicked off the proceedings with boundless energy, celebrating South Africa’s recent triumphs while infusing his trademark comedy into the mix.


Read the full story: Celebrating Excellence: 11th Annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards


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