From Big Ben’s Great Clock to Munich’s Glockenspiel and the famous Prague Astronomical Clock, human’s obsession with tracking time remains a fascination for generations and now, a large clock has been raised at Nelson Mandela Square. When it comes to attractions, it’s probably in the right place, at the right time.


  • The monumental clock is 5.75-metres in diameter and weighs over 500 kilograms.
  • It took 240-hours to design, and 4 months to construct.
  • 20-metres of LED strip lighting was used for the lighting of the clock hands and the halo illumination alone.
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The clock is situated directly behind the Nelson Mandela statue, overlooking the Square, comprising of diamond hour pieces, translucent numerals with satin black and gold finishes, and LED lighting to create a unique halo while illuminating the clock at night.


As grand as its size and appearance, the construction of this timepiece was equally as impressive. Most of the elements for the clock were fabricated from aluminium, including 47-metres of aluminium welding. It also features ambient lighting and delicate chimes.




The big question remains: is it the largest in the Southern Hemisphere? The clock at Central do Brasil in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro might disagree, as its face measures 20-metres in diameter, making it, the largest of all clocks this side of the equator. The title of largest clock face in the world is held by the Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia at an impressive 43-metres in diameter.


Be it for dining in the open air, doing some shopping or taking a much treasured photo with the statue of Nelson Mandela, the square adjacent to Sandton City is one of the most iconic destinations in South Africa, for both locals and international tourists alike. The Square was developed in 1994 and has since continued to enhance and develop its space, be it through renovations or new attractions.


Time will tell if the Nelson Mandela Square clock will be the next big attraction in Sandton.


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