We Tried It: When Men WAXIT In Bedfordview

WAXIT Bedfordview opened its doors this August to bring a myriad of waxing services to both women and men alike – the latter being the more unlikely of the sexes to risk it all. Until now.


  • WAXIT was founded by Michelle Royston back in 2015.
  • The first store opened in Lonehill and now WAXIT has franchises in over 15 locations.
  • No content creators or media persona were injured in the writing of this piece.
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The Sandton Times set out to trial WAXIT Bedfordview’s offering and see if the promises of smoothness all-round is all its cut-out to be – needless to say, they pulled it off (pun intended).


With a Lindor ball on the ready, to treat any post-wax angst, it is time to head out to Bedford Village Shopping Centre for a wax date with Diana. With over a dozen stores, in Gauteng, Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal, WAXIT, is a wax bar defined as a refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smooth and we can add, the rip-off you’ll go back for (there’s another pun).


Diana our WAXITologist for the afternoon is welcoming, professional and discreet, putting anxious male minds at ease of what is to come.


Reception area at WAXIT Bedfordview. Image: WAXIT

There’s the mandatory form, which speaks of all the usual bits but does include some safety notices and the option to take something to calm heightened nerves. We give that a skip, because, how bad could it be – right? Diana sets up the room with all the necessary equipment and eases us into an afternoon of hot wax and hair attacks.


Shirtless, with a fair-enough playlist setting the tone of possible pain to come, it’s a combination of bravery, ignorance and a little bit of faith in what the brochure said, that eases the nerves – somewhat. Because you don’t know, what you don’t know.


Opting to start off with an eye-brow clean up, along with a nose and ear wax, things escalate as the treatment moves to the shoulders and lower back and then eventually progresses to a ‘Total Eclipse’…and that’s not of the heart, as per the WAXIT description.


Treatment room at WAXIT Bedfordview. Image: WAXIT

Luckily, Diana has a firm handle on the situation, entertaining the odd nervous question and resolving it with a sleek, speedy, strong gesture that removes hair in unmentionable areas before the thought of squealing comes to mind. It was all over, before it starts, ending up smoother than when we walked in.


We can safely confirm that WAXIT have created a place where men and women alike can go to wax expertly and discreetly, free from the intrusions that come with visiting full service salons, plus, WAXIT offers additional treatments that aren’t available at “multi-functional” salons.


The experience left us with more respect for our female counterparts who’ve risked more with other parts, than we had on that afternoon. Whilst initially an experience that’ll make your hair stand, Diana had the skill and tools to make it a smooth experience from beginning to end, entertaining the anxious laughs and humour, that made the treatment fly by.


Range of products at WAXIT Bedfordview. Image: WAXIT

Diana knew when and where to execute the procedure and knew straight away if her candidate could handle more or not, and which areas would require a bit more grit and experience, before venturing into unwaxed territory.


If you need a wax, and nothing but a wax, then WAXIT will soon become your new go-to body scaping space.


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