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Skins Cosmetics Opens Sensory Experience In Hyde Park Corner

Nestled in the upmarket Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre, Skins Cosmetics has opened a beauty emporium that transcends the ordinary, offering a truly unique and luxurious experience.


  • Skins Cosmetics brings hidden beauty treasures to South Africa, offering discerning customers a chance to embrace products not available in any other retail space.
  • As you peruse the emporium, you are invited to savor a glass of champagne or indulge in a hot cappuccino.
  • The new Hyde Park Corner store provides a gorgeous space to unearth a range of new beauty scents and textures that could become your new go-to product.
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Originally hailing from the Netherlands, Skins Cosmetics has revolutionized the beauty industry by introducing niche and artisan brands from around the world to South Africa, providing shoppers with an exclusive and fresh approach to beauty. Established in Amsterdam in 2000, Skins Cosmetics had a clear vision from the start—to unveil the hidden gems of the beauty world, brands that embody true artistry and creativity. Today, their portfolio boasts over 70 brands, each with its own captivating story to tell.


The Sandton Times had the pleasure of attending the official launch event, showcasing the new space, with canapes and bubbly, all set to the sounds of string instrument enchantresses, The Muses. Upon stepping into the Skins Cosmetics store at Hyde Park Corner, the distinction becomes immediately apparent.


Skins Cosmetics
The essence of Skins Cosmetics extends beyond the products themselves to the meticulously designed store environment. Image: Skins Cosmetics

Renowned architect Roy de Scheemaker from the Netherlands has masterfully created an ambiance that sets Skins Cosmetics apart from other beauty retailers and cosmetics stores. Whether you choose to explore at your own pace or seek guidance from the knowledgeable consultants in-store, their team of passionate professionals takes pride in sharing their expertise and assisting customers in navigating the extensive selection of brands.


At the heart of Skins Cosmetics’ offerings are niche brands that embody artistic expression and resonate with individuals who seek originality and exclusivity. Independently created by passionate individuals, these brands have garnered attention from multinational brand houses and flagship retailers worldwide.


Sampling plays a vital role in the Skins Cosmetics experience. Customers are encouraged to try products before making a decision, without any pressure to purchase on the spot.


Skins Cosmetics
Skins Cosmetics believes in fostering relationships and providing independent advice to ensure their patrons feel confident and satisfied. Image: Skins Cosmetics

Authenticity and quality are of utmost importance to Skins Cosmetics. As an official reseller of all their brands, they strictly adhere to international guidelines and recommended retail prices set by the brands themselves. This commitment guarantees that customers receive genuine products of the highest caliber, accompanied by comprehensive warranties.


Looking ahead, Skins Cosmetics SA, in collaboration with its parent company African Sales Company (ASCO) and affiliate partners in the Netherlands, continues to curate an ever-evolving portfolio of niche brands for the South African market. For those who have surpassed the mainstream, those who crave originality and exclusivity, the world of Skins Cosmetics at Hyde Park Corner beckons as an invitation to indulge in an extraordinary beauty experience.


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