Eyes On Crime: Is Sandton Safe?

Whilst the world has been in lockdown for almost 2-years, Sandton hasn’t been sleeping. In fact, the area has been gearing up to improve the suburbs’ safety and security with additional smart technology measures rolling out – so is Sandton safe?


  • Sandton remains one of the safest places to visit and stay when visiting Johannesburg.
  • As in any busy city, simple precautions are likely to see visitors through safely, but it’s best to avoid becoming complacent and remain alert.
  • CCTV rollout has offered response teams intelligence to constantly evolve and change security strategies on the ground to prevent crime.
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The heart of Sandton remains a vibrant and interesting neighbourhood to walk around with plenty to see from public art to soaring architecture and tree-lined streets with cafes, retail shops, and restaurants. It is one of the most pedestrian-friendly areas in Johannesburg.


A total of 250 Vumacam surveillance cameras have been installed to date, with AI license plate recognition capabilities. Night Guard has also been added to the team for tactical response if the camera monitoring team alerts them of a suspicious vehicle passing through the CCTV system. The heart of Sandton also boasts 30 visitor-facing public safety ambassadors – fondly referred to as the ‘Men in Red’ – deployed at high-traffic pedestrian areas. In 2021, The Sandton Times reported on how Sandton Central’s new closed-circuit television (CCTV) system has contributed to city-wide crime-fighting.


Since August 2020, a recorded 97 suspicious and wanted vehicles that have passed through the surveillance cameras have been successfully stopped and addressed. This has been a major improvement as previously, there had been almost zero chance of successful arrests and detainment of suspicious vehicles, without the now ever-expanding CCTV network.


Sandton Safe
CCTV also provides ongoing intelligence to proactively allow the suburb to monitor safety and security issues. Image: The Sandton Times

We have always tried to provide a safe environment for everyone who wants to walk in Sandton. We do however highlight that it is always safer to walk in numbers and to always be aware of your immediate surroundings. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything or everyone who enters our space and we do need the cooperation of the public to always be alert and use common sense when walking in these public spaces during the day and in the evening.

// Sandton Central Precinct Manager, Elaine Jack


The more common crimes have always been mobile phone snatchings in public spaces but compared to pre-COVID, Sandton Central was receiving between 15-20 incidents per month which are now down to around 4-6 incidents a month. Theft out of motor vehicles and cars parked illegally on streets are a second common crime in public spaces around Sandton.

Limit your use of a mobile phone in public spaces as you will be distracted and won’t be aware of your immediate surrounding. Be wary when wearing very expensive jewelry, as that does attract ‘spotters’ and you could be followed. Don’t leave valuables in your car in plain sight where criminals can break into your vehicle to grab these.

// Sandton Central Precinct Manager, Elaine Jack


The Sandton Tourism Kiosk at the Sandton Gautrain Station also remains a point of contact from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, for any security and safety assistance and information on the precinct.


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