Sandton Central’s new closed-circuit television (CCTV) system has contributed to city-wide crime-fighting since it officially launched on 1 August 2020, with 85 arrests in six months for crimes committed both in and outside the district, enhancing the city’s macro-security and preventing further crimes.


  • To date, 232 of the planned 278 cameras are operating.
  • The Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) state-of-the-art system uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to specific events.
  • The urban monitoring system supports the entire security, emergency and management ecosystem in Sandton Central.
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While the CCTV programme is one of several factors contributing to safety, the number of crimes in the Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) has decreased since it commenced.


It has also had a positive influence on Sandton Central’s urban management. The system has helped to spot and report potholes in the roads (61 potholes in January 2021 alone), assisted broken down vehicles, managed illegal parking, reported broken traffic signals and water leaks, responded to vehicle accidents, and even summoned help to the scene of a gas bottle explosion.


When an incident is spotted, it sends an alert to a central control room. A real-time video feed enables control staff to see exactly what is happening and take the best action. Its potent combination of technology and human skill is creating a safer neighbourhood with less disruption.


In April 2020, mobile phone thieves that have been targeting pedestrians in the Sandton area for months, were arrested in less than 20 hours after a lookout alert was issued by the Sandton CPF.


AI Surveillance (AIS), who oversee CCTV security monitoring in the Sandton and Doornfontein area received the lookout alert from the Sandton CPF just after 1pm on the 6 April 2020. As the request was accompanied by a case number the vehicle information was loaded onto the AIS Vehicle of Interest (VOI) Database. In Doornfontein, later the same day just before 6pm, the Vumacam LPR system generated an alert from the cameras at End Street and Rocky Street for the wanted vehicle. The vehicle, however, left the area only minutes before SAPS or JMPD could arrive. The lookout was provided to the SAPS and JMPD for the vehicle in question.


The AIS team did not have to wait long for another alert as the next morning, just after 9am on 7 April 2020, the Vumacam system generated an LPR alert from the same camera, at End and Rocky Street in Doornfontein, for the wanted vehicle. The AI Surveillance control room immediately dispatched the JMPD and SAPS undercover unit to the area.


Soon after, the SAPS intercepted the vehicle and suspects. Both suspects (male and female) were taken to Johannesburg Central Police Station for further investigation, while the vehicle in question was impounded.


It reinforces critical partnerships, such as those essential to fighting crime and maintaining good public order. These partners include the South African Police Services (SAPS), which have engaged with the system, and private security companies operating for clients in the node. The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) also plays a vital role in the security and good management of the area, as do the City of Johannesburg’s emergency services and responders, and its tourism ambassadors who serve visitors to Sandton Central.



Our collaborative approach, which strives for maximum inclusion and coordination with all parties – in the private and public sectors – makes sure that everyone is part of the solution. Adopting this style has made sure that we stay ahead of the game in terms of cohesive, integrated security and management systems and keep pace with internationally recognised solutions. Our pioneering precinct monitoring and management model is considered a leading model in district management in Johannesburg and Gauteng. It gives us immense pleasure to share our experience of making Sandton Central better and safer with other managed districts and support safety in all the public spaces in our city and beyond.

// Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) Precinct Manager, Elaine Jack


Sandton Central holds monthly simulation training exercises to continuously improve the system and skills to manage different and even multiple scenarios. Leading cities worldwide use this kind of technology and training to respond to major events and situations. Additionally, data gathered through monitoring is analysed to identify trends and react proactively, thus consistently improving crime prevention and intelligence in the neighbourhood.

The successes achieved to date have already highlighted the benefits of technology and innovation in urban management and safety to provide the quality experience that residents, workers, visitors and businesses in Sandton Central expect of their urban environment.

// Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) Precinct Manager, Elaine Jack


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