Gautrain Paves The Way For Smarter Mobility In Africa

In the heart of Midrand, amidst the technological hum of progress, the Gautrain took center stage at the Annual Smarter Mobility Africa Summit, marking the commencement of Transport Month.


  • Tshepo Kgobe, Chief Operating Officer of the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA), delivered a compelling address underscoring the Gautrain’s pivotal role in socio-economic development.
  • The summit, held from 1 to 3 October 2023, served as a nexus for visionary mobility solution providers, thought leaders, and key decision-makers from both business and government, all converging to elevate Africa’s mobility landscape.
  • As Transport Month is marked, the Gautrain stands as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when visionary ideas, practical solutions, and a commitment to community development converge.
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Tshepo’s vision for the future of Gautrain resonated with a promise of transformation. He painted a vivid picture where Gautrain stations transcend their role as mere transit points, evolving into bustling hubs that seamlessly integrate business, retail, and social activities. This ambitious outlook reflects not just a commitment to efficient transportation but an investment in the broader development of communities around Gautrain stations.


A focal point of the Summit was the panel discussion moderated by Tshepo, delving into Gautrain’s ground-breaking 10-year partnership with the taxi industry. In 2011, the GMA pioneered an innovative contracting model with taxi associations operating in the Linbro Park area. The result? A surge in the introduction of midibus routes operating from key Gautrain stations, including Marlboro, Centurion, and Hatfield.


As the Summit unfolded, it became evident that the Gautrain is not just a mode of transportation; it is a catalyst for change, a facilitator of economic growth, and a promoter of smarter mobility solutions. Image: Gautrain Management Agency (GMA)

Lindiwe Mathebula, GMA’s Senior Manager for Transport Planning, revealed staggering figures during the panel discussion, stating that the Midibus Service now efficiently transports approximately 72’000 commuters each month. The success of this initiative was not just about numbers but also about imparting invaluable skills to the taxi industry. Mxolisi Ximba, Spokesperson of the Alexandra Taxi Association, expressed gratitude towards the Gautrain team for the transformative impact of the Midibus Service initiative.

We can apply the lessons and skills we have gained, such as negotiation skills, to change the taxi industry.

// Spokesperson of the Alexandra Taxi Association, Mxolisi Ximba


His call to action resonated as he urged other stakeholders in the taxi industry to join this transformative initiative, recognizing the potential for collective growth and progress.


Muhammed Suleman, a Lecturer at Wits Business School, added an academic perspective to the practical success stories. Concluding the panel discussion, Muhammed emphasized the critical importance of prioritizing the commuter in the transportation narrative. He stressed the need for safe and reliable public transport services, positioning them as the cornerstone of a thriving and interconnected society.


Muhammed’s insights underscored the benefits of collaboration within the transport industry, highlighting that sustainable progress is only possible when all stakeholders work together towards a common goal.


The success story of the 10-year partnership with the taxi industry is not just a chapter in the Gautrain’s history but a beacon guiding the way for future collaborations in the ever-evolving landscape of African transportation. Image: Gautrain Management Agency (GMA)

The Gautrain’s journey over the past decade paints a portrait of innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to uplifting communities.


The journey ahead for Gautrain is not just about tracks and stations; it’s about forging connections, fostering innovation, and creating a legacy that transcends the boundaries of transportation. The Smarter Mobility Africa Summit served as a fitting stage for this narrative to unfold, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the Gautrain‘s journey towards a smarter, more integrated, and community-centric future.


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