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Gautrain Sponsors Soweto-Based Creatives’ Travel To Music & Lifestyle Expo

The Music & Lifestyle Expo which took place on 10 and 11 November 2023 at Sandton Convention Centre, proved to be an eye-opening experience for students from the Funda Arts Centre in Soweto.


  • Experts in the creative industry shared valuable knowledge and insights on all aspects of the creative economy, including unlocking funding and building winning brands.
  • The Expo aimed to create awareness and opportunities for creatives and SMMEs looking to take their skills and business knowledge to the next level by unlocking access to the growing and lucrative African creative economy.
  • Gautrain sponsored the students’ travel by offering a return trip from Park Station to Sandton Station which is a stone’s throw away from the Expo venue.
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Based in Soweto, Funda Arts Centre is one of several community arts centres that emerged after the June 1976 Soweto uprising, providing arts education and training to black artists. Funda continues to be a reputable site of access and network into the visual arts sector for young artists.


Lehlogonolo Mothise, a visual artist student, expressed his gratitude for the enlightening experience and shared his advice for fellow creatives.

Keep your head in the game, focus on your art and not just money.

// Lehlogonolo Mothise


According to the Expo organisers, South Africa’s Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) contribute R90-billion annually to the country’s economy and is an important driver of jobs and employment opportunities. Yet, Africa’s entire Creative Economy at US$58-billion only represents less than 1% of the Global CCI Economy of US$2,25-trillion, making knowledge, skills and market access a vital factor of growth for South Africans.

It is evident that if nurtured, the creative economy can enhance economic development and help reduce poverty and unemployment. Hence as the Gautrain, we did not hesitate to assist in helping these talented students gain access to information that can unlock opportunities.

// Gautrain Management Agency’s Senior Executive Manager: Communication and Marketing, Albi Modise


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