Terror Threat: Sandton On Standby Following US Embassy Alert

In response to US warnings of a potential terror assault in greater Sandton, the South African Presidency stated that dangers to the nation are continuously examined and addressed to protect the safety of all citizens.


  • Details surrounding the nature of the terror threat to Sandton remain unclear.
  • The South African government, as well as multiple Sandton stakeholders, continue to monitor the situation.
  • Sandton is beacon of economic prosperity and progress not only for South Africa, but also the continent.
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The eyes of the country are on Sandton following a security alert issued by the US government, notifying its embassy personnel about a potential terrorist assault in Sandton, as the weekend approaches.

The US government has received information that terrorists may be planning to conduct an attack targeting large gatherings of people at an unspecified location in the greater Sandton area of Johannesburg, South Africa, on 29 October 2022. There is no further information regarding the timing, method, or target of the potential attack.

// US Mission South Africa


The US Embassy advised staff to avoid crowds of people and other large public gatherings in the greater Sandton area during the weekend of October 29-30. In response, the South African Government noted the terror alert issued by the US Embassy on its website.

This is part of the US government’s standard communication to its citizens. It is the responsibility of the South African security forces to ensure that all people within our country feel safe. Law enforcement agencies continue to monitor for any threats to our citizens, our nation and our sovereignty. Threats are assessed continuously and are acted upon to ensure the safety of all. Should the need arise, the South African government will be the first to inform the public about any imminent threat.

// The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa (via Twitter)


The alleged terror incident is reportedly scheduled for the coming weekend, which will see Sandton host Johannesburg Pride, amongst other events. Even though the warning does not expressly identify the event, Johannesburg Pride looks to draw a sizable crowd in and around Sandton on Saturday, placing organisers on alert.

The Johannesburg Pride team is aware of the information released by the US Embassy. We will release a statement in due course.

// Johannesburg Pride (via Twitter)


As a major landmark in greater Sandton, and directly opposite the US Embassy in Johannesburg, popular shopping destination Sandton City has taken the necessary precautions and continues to trade.

Sandton City is aware of the notification by the US Embassy of a possible terrorist attack in the greater Sandton area, planned for the 29th and the 30th October 2022. The safety of all our shoppers, tenants, service providers and stakeholders is of paramount importance. In partnership with the authorities, we are actively monitoring the situation & have appropriate security measures in place in & around Sandton City, which includes Nelson Mandela Square, offices, hotels & Sandton Convention Centre. The malls are currently trading as normal.

// Sandton City (via Twitter)


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