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Sandton Times Hour Edition 88 Podcast Show Notes

The only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, the weekly SANDTON TIMES HOUR brings the pages of The Sandton Times to life with an array of entertaining and informative interviews, every week on Mix 93.8 FM, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Jason Goliath’s presents his new one-man comedy show DALA WHAT YOU MUST, IT IS WHAT IT IS at the Theatre on the Square.
  • Mark Banks is back and ALIVE! in his new comedy show at the Studio Theatre at Montecasino.
  • Schalk Bezuidenhout returns with his latest comedy show KEEPING UP at Emperors Palace.
  • Nik Rabinowitz returns mask-free and UNMUTED! at the Theatre on the Square.
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THE SANDTON TIMES HOUR is the go-to weekly digest on greater Sandton including fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment. In this week’s episode [Edition 88 | Week 42] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:


Must Watch Movie: Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris

In post-World War II London, Ada Harris (Academy Award® nominee Lesley Manville) earns a living cleaning houses. She’s led a lonely life since her beloved husband Eddie went missing in action, but she’s not the type to brood over any misfortune or to complain about her circumstances. Still, when the ever-pragmatic Ada spies an unimaginably lovely Christian Dior gown hanging in the master bedroom of a wealthy client, she’s surprised to feel an overwhelming pang of desire. Owning something so ethereal, so beautiful, a true work of art—why, that could really change things for a person.


After taking on extra jobs and saving as much as she can—even trying her luck at the race track—Ada finally can afford to pay for a Dior dress. She bids farewell to close friends Vi (Ellen Thomas) and Archie (Jason Isaacs) and makes her way to Paris to visit the prestigious House of Dior and turn her dreams into reality. Yet when she arrives, Ada is met with a series of surprising setbacks, not least of which is Dior’s intimidating Madame Colbert (Academy Award® nominee Isabelle Huppert), who bristles at the very notion of a common charlady wearing haute couture.


Still, whatever obstacles are thrown her way, Ada refuses to leave Paris without her dress.


Adapting author Paul Gallico’s 1958 novel Mrs. ’Arris Goes to Paris for the screen, writer-director Anthony Fabian creates a winning, modern-day fairytale about pursuing your dreams, the power of friendship and the importance of remaining true to who you are.


Jason Goliath’s One-Man Comedy Show DALA WHAT YOU MUST, IT IS WHAT IT IS

Jason Goliath
Image: Jason Goliath

DALA WHAT YOU MUST, IT IS WHAT IT IS, is inspired by the most important word Jason grasped during lockdown; ‘acceptance’ and will include unfiltered, never-before-heard anecdotes about his life, his journey, uncomfortable truths and how he learnt to “Dala” (do) what he had to, to persevere. Take this show as an opportunity to get out of the house, rekindle with old friends or take a break from the kids. But more importantly, come and share what you have been going through and see that you are not alone…. all this, while laughing! There is no better therapy.


More information at 5 New Comedy Shows You Don’t Want To Miss.


Mark Banks Is Back ALIVE! In New Show

Sandton Times Hour
Image: Mark Banks

Mark Banks blazes back to the Studio Theatre at Montecasino with his latest all-new, one-man hilarious take on present day life titled: ALIVE! Expect an up-to-the-minute look at what’s what and what’s not with a host of new characters and situations awaiting audiences. Mark takes a much-needed look at Eskom, South Africa’s new virtual fly-at-home airline, the newly appointed Minister of Ministers portfolio and many more everyday ‘challenges’.


More information at 5 New Comedy Shows You Don’t Want To Miss.


Schalk Bezuidenhout Returns With His Latest Show KEEPING UP

Schalk Bezuidenhout
Image: Schalk Bezuidenhout

Kempton Park born Schalk Bezuidenhout has been in stand-up since April 2011, and since then has been woke – seriously woke. The self-confessed liberal guy at the braai, the retro jersey wearing comedian is having to watch his words, as much as the petrol price. And it’s not like Schalk is against change! But in this ever-changing world and society, he is just trying to keep up.


More information at 5 New Comedy Shows You Don’t Want To Miss.


Nik Rabinowitz Returns Mask-Free And UNMUTED!

Image: Nik Rabinowitz

Having spent the pandemic doing his own research on YouTube, Nik is now finally ready to connect the dots, wake up the sheeple, and take you down the rabbit hole into our crazy post-pandemic world. From conspiracy theories and micro-dosing to death doulas and dogging, nothing is off limits…except the things the Illuminati told him not to talk about.


More information at 5 New Comedy Shows You Don’t Want To Miss.



  • Cash Cash – Running Up That Hill (Remix feat. Stalking Gia)
  • Tiësto & Charli XCX – Hot In It
  • Freischwimmer – California Dreamin’




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