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Sandton Times Hour ‘Best Of…’ Edition Podcast Show Notes

The only radio show and podcast dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, the weekly Sandton Times Hour brings the pages of The Sandton Times to life with an array of entertaining and informative interviews blended with the best music, every week on Mix 93.8, Mondays at 7pm.


  • Rewind to a 2021 conversation with Mike Said, restaurant strategist and marketing consultant, on customer services in the hospitality sector.
  • Relevant now, more than ever, seasoned broadcaster and author Bruce Whitfield chats about his book ‘The Upside of Down’.
  • A chat to hydroponics farmer Zandile Kumalo, back in 2021, aboout her farming activities on the roof of Morningside Shopping Center.
  • A walk down memory lane with then cellar master of Graham Beck, “Mr Bubbles” Pieter Ferreira, as the brand celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2020.
  • How to start a deli in lockdown and baking Presidential bread with Matthew Amoretti of TiAmo Deli.
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The Sandton Times Hour is the go-to weekly digest on greater Sandton including fabulous food spots, luxurious lifestyle bits, first-hand travel tips, motoring notes, and world-class entertainment and so much more beyond the borders of greater Sandton. The radio show and podcast has been selected by Feedspot panellists at #15 on a ranking of Top 40 South Africa Podcasts on the web for 2023. In this week’s episode [Best Of… Edition] The Sandton Times covers an array of topical news as well as these interviews:


RESTAURANT CUSTOMER SERVICE With Strategist And Marketing Consultant Mike Said

After 32 years in the hospitality industry – including 3 years as the marketing manager of one of South Africa’s leading brands – Mike brings his own brand of humour and understanding to the weird and wonderful world of marketing.


Starting off as a waiter back in 1988, Mike’s experience in customer service and marketing has included owning his own Top 100 Restaurant and working with some of the great innovators and trend setters in the hospitality industry. In 2003, he was instrumental in winning “The Brand Builder Of The Year” at the FASA awards.


Today, his company MikeSaidWhat? works with companies and individuals from all industry segments, advising them on branding strategy, market development and customer service. MikeSaidWhat? specialises in the development and implementation of social media strategy for all business. His ability to impart his knowledge in a humorous and down to earth manor has made him a sought after speaker at corporate functions and conferences.


Visit the MikeSaidWhat? website for more information.


THE UPSIDE OF DOWN With Broadcaster And Author Bruce Whitfield

Sandton Times Hour
Broadcaster and author Bruce Whitfield uncovers. Image: Pan Macmillan South Africa

In a world shaped by Covid-19 and characterised by fake news, manipulated feeds of information and divisive social-media agendas, it’s easy to believe that our time is the most challenging in human history. It’s just not true.


It is a time of extraordinary opportunity. But only if you have the right mindset and attitude. Fear of the future breeds inaction and leads to strategic paralysis. Problem-solvers thrive in chaotic and uncertain times because they act to change their future. Winners recognise that in a world of growing uncertainty, you need to resort to actions on things you can control.


A robust mindset is the one common characteristic Bruce Whitfield has identified in two decades of interrogating how South Africa’s billionaires and start-up mavericks think differently. They don’t ignore risk or hope that problems will go away. They constantly measure, manage, consider and weigh up opportunities in a tumultuous sea of uncertainty and find ways around obstacles.


If, as Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller suggests, the stories we tell affect economic outcomes, then we need to tell different stories amidst the noise and haste of a rapidly evolving world.


Purchase the book ‘The Upside of Down: How Chaos & Uncertainty Breed Opportunity in South Africa’ on Bruce Whitfield’s website.


HYDROPONICS FARMING With Farmer Zandile Kumalo

Sandton Times Hour
From rooftop to plate, Sandton hydroponics farmer Zandile Kumalo has transformed part of Morningside Shopping Centre into an oasis of fresh produce. Image: The Sandton Times

The Sandton Times climbed the stairs of Morningside Shopping Centre to see this remarkable initiative in action – a well-sized greenhouse on the rooftop of the mall, with the gentle sound of water flowing through multiple pipes and faint jazz tunes playing from a Bluetooth speaker. The plants in this farming project are living the Sandton life.


Read the full story here.


30 YEARS OF GRAHAM BECK With “Mr Bubbles” Pieter Ferreira

Sandton Times Hour
Pieter Ferreira has been instrumental in cementing the winery as one of the world’s leading producers of premium Cap Classique. Image: Graham Beck

Pieter Ferreira (currently Chief Operating Officer at Graham Beck) has been with the estate since the maiden vintage in 1991. Pieter has recently transitioned into the position of Graham Beck’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), after a remarkable 32 years at the helm of the cellar.


This next adventure is one of his greatest yet, as he continues to establish Graham Beck as the Cap Classique of choice. As chairman of the Cap Classique Producers Association (CCPA), Pieter’s extraordinary dedication to crafting sparkling wines of authenticity, consistency and supreme elegance know no bounds.


The Graham Beck 30th Celebratory Magnum is a unique blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This milestone Cap Classique is characterised by purity, complexity and longevity. It is an elegant and timeless expression of the best selections of the finest terroirs and includes the cellar’s perpetual reserve wine which was meticulously initiated three decades ago, that is used for the liquer d’expedition (dosage). This reassured foundation block builds consistency and balance, tying the house style together.


Purchase a bottle of the 30th Celebratory Magnum on the Graham Beck website.


LOCKDOWN DELI With TiAmo Deli Co-Founder Matthew Amoretti

Sandton Times Hour
Everything at TiAmo Italian Deli is made in small batches at the Sandton location. Image: Jytte Elfferich (Pexels)

During the days of the early Pandemic, the Amoretti brothers made the decision to cook for their friends and pursue their true passion for Italian cuisine. A home kitchen soon turned into a major operation and the brothers had to find a new space to work from. Today, located at the Shell Garage, the Amoretti brothers have turned a small home operation into a notable commercial business.


To achieve the best flavor and quality, the brothers use authentic, family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. They also use farm-fresh produce and dry goods that are imported directly from Italy and the best local suppliers. Yet, what makes TiAmo Italian Deli extra special is the use of a sourdough base for almost all their baked goods!


Get a taste of Italy on the TiAmo Italian Deli website.


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