Miss South Africa 2023

The Miss South Africa 2023 Search Has Begun

The search has begun for the dynamic woman who will follow in the footsteps of the current Miss South Africa, Ndavi Nokeri, represent her country on the international stage and become one of South Africa’s most recognisable faces and ambassadors: Miss South Africa 2023.


  • However, there are some exciting additions to this year’s competition, including a ground-breaking seven-part reality TV series.
  • There are several rule changes which will allow married women and those with children to take part in the iconic contest for the first time.
  • The age limit has also been modified.
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Entries for Miss South Africa 2023 have opened and will close at 11:30am on May 5, 2023. There are 25 Requirements To Enter Miss South Africa In 2023 with some changes to this year’s rules and requirements.


These include married women and those with children will be allowed to enter for the first time. The age of entrants has also been modified – an applicant must be at least 20-years-old and must be under 30-years of age as of August 13, 2023. This means that an applicant can turn 30 within their year of reign (starting August 2023). There are also no height or weight specifications or requirements.


The Miss South Africa Organisation continues to make the entry process as easy as possible which means there are no forms to download and no regional auditions to which hopefuls have to travel.



Entrants will be required to post an introduction video on social media by using #MissSA2023 and tagging Miss South Africa and Crown Chasers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Those who wish to enter can simply enter on the Miss SA App (under the ENTER NOW page) or visit the Miss South Africa website, answer a number of questions, upload entry pictures (one head and shoulders and one full body image) and the link to their entry video. And there is a bit more glam this year.


Last year, fans were introduced – on the official Miss South Africa app – to Crown Chasers, a behind-the-scenes look at the build-up to the 2022 finale. This year, Crown Chasers has been developed into a full-blown and thrilling reality show showing the Miss South Africa competition.


In the seven 1-hour episodes, those competing for the crown will be placed in real life Miss South Africa scenarios that include several challenges, based on the four pillars of Miss South Africa – duty, championship, empowerment and beauty. All the finalists will move into Miss South Africa HQ from where they will be given tasks that will test their ability to show off their interpretation of these four pillars.


Their entrepreneurial and business skills will be put to the test; they’ll be asked to find innovative ways to encourage tourism, to show support for female-owned businesses or to showcase aspects of their culture or heritage. A challenge winner will be selected each week by a judging panel.

This year we have pushed more boundaries than ever before and we are delighted to welcome all women who are ready to step onto our leadership platform and be the next ambassador for South Africa. We, as women, are so many things; we can be business owners, leaders, innovators, influencers, mothers, daughters, philanthropists, role models, ambassadors and queens all at the same time. Showcasing the multi-diverse nature of all of this will be at the core of the competition. Miss South Africa is no longer just a one-night pageant – viewers are really going to get to know the finalists during the television show.

// Miss South Africa Organisation CEO, Stephanie Weil


Those wishing to enter Miss South Africa 2023 should watch the dedicated “How To” videos that will be released across the Miss South Africa Organisation’s official channels (websites and social media) as well as finding further details under Miss South Africa 2023 on the official Miss South Africa website.


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