Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers’ Choice Best Of The Best Awards Reveals 2 Top-Rated Dubai Hotels

Tripadvisor has unveiled the winners of its highly anticipated 2023 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Hotel Awards.


  • Now in its 21st edition, these awards not only mark a celebration of exceptional hospitality but also offer a compass guiding travelers towards the best places to stay.
  • This year’s awards take on even greater significance as they coincide with the commencement of the summer travel season, reigniting the wanderlust that has been lying dormant for so long.
  • A hallmark of the Travelers’ Choice Awards is their reliance on real traveler experiences.
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For the 2023 edition, Tripadvisor meticulously analyzed a wealth of review data spanning a full year – from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. With over 1.5-million hotels scrutinized by discerning travelers, the awards provide a comprehensive snapshot of the highest-rated accommodations that have left an indelible mark on their patrons.


The year 2023 has ushered in a renewed focus on wellness in the realm of travel. With more people seeking solace and rejuvenation through their journeys, Tripadvisor has introduced two innovative subcategories for this year’s awards: The Best Hotels with Spas and the Best Hotels for Sleep. These categories recognize the evolving desires of travelers who are looking beyond the usual comforts and seeking holistic experiences that nourish both body and soul.


The inaugural Best Hotels for Sleep category shines a spotlight on the top 10 accommodations across the world where guests have consistently rated the quality of sleep as exceptional in their reviews. Quality sleep is the cornerstone of a fulfilling travel experience, and these hotels have managed to craft an environment conducive to rest and relaxation, truly elevating the art of hospitality.


The equally significant category of Best Hotels with Spas acknowledges the growing trend of travelers seeking not only a place to lay their heads but also a haven where they can unwind and revitalize. This collection of hotels goes beyond the conventional, offering spa experiences that cater to diverse wellness needs and provide a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the rigors of daily life.


JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Nestled within the heart of the city, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai stands tall, gracing the skyline with its two iconic towers. Image: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai

Among the remarkable array of winners, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai in the United Arab Emirates stands out as a dual-category champion. This sophisticated establishment has clinched the 2nd position in both the Best Hotels for Sleep and the Best Hotels with Spas categories. Evidently, this luxurious haven has mastered the delicate balance of providing an exquisite sleep experience while also offering a holistic retreat for the weary traveler.


Boasting lavish accommodations that redefine luxury, this hotel invites guests to experience a realm of indulgence like no other. Each room and suite within the hotel is a sanctuary of opulence, where 24-hour room service caters to your every need while offering breath-taking views that paint the city in a new light. Cutting-edge amenities, from flat-screen TVs to Wi-Fi and plug-in technology, seamlessly merge with the elegant interiors to create a harmonious retreat.


The carefully curated design extends to the smallest details. Sink into plush bedding and let your gaze wander across the mesmerizing expanse of Dubai through large windows. In the marble-clad bathrooms, rain showers provide a refreshing embrace, complemented by luxury robes and slippers that cocoon you in comfort.


Traveling with family? The hotel offers luxurious family suite options, ensuring that everyone has ample space to unwind. For those seeking an elevated experience, the executive level rooms and suites not only provide extra room but also grant access to the exclusive hotel lounge, where tranquillity and refined hospitality intertwine.


Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai encapsulates the essence of a luxurious lifestyle, inviting discerning global travelers to indulge in the finer pleasures against the backdrop of Dubai’s stunning waterfront. Image: Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai

Adding to the illustrious global winners is the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, another gem from the dynamic city of Dubai, securing the 8th position in the Best Hotels with Spas category. These two hotels, along with the rest of the top 10, serve as beacons of exceptional hospitality and offer a tantalizing glimpse into the future of travel experiences that prioritize wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Located along the picturesque waterfront of Pearl Jumeira, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai beckons travelers to a world of refined opulence and breath-taking vistas. This exquisite 5-star resort stands as a testament to elegance, offering an unparalleled fusion of luxury and leisure against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf’s azure waters.


From every corner of the property, guests are treated to panoramic views that capture the Arabian Gulf’s vast expanse and the awe-inspiring Dubai skyline. The resort’s unique blend of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film, and art defines a new standard of sophistication, making it the first and original luxury beach club concept of its kind.


Each of the 117 rooms and suites, along with 15 private pool villas and 63 lifestyle residence units, represents a haven of comfort and style. Bespoke entertainment systems, MyBar indulgences, mood lighting, and oversized bathrooms create a haven within these accommodations. Some offerings even feature private pools and decks, ensuring an intimate escape for those seeking utmost privacy.


Refinement extends to the culinary realm with four exquisite restaurants and lounges, while Nikki Spa and Tone Gym cater to relaxation and fitness aspirations. As an exclusive sanctuary on Pearl Jumeira island, the resort effortlessly connects guests to Dubai’s world-renowned shopping malls and iconic attractions, conveniently located just 14km from Dubai International Airport and 7km from Downtown Dubai and Dubai Mall.


It’s not just the breath-taking locations or luxurious amenities that have propelled these hotels to the pinnacle of traveler recognition. The Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Hotel Awards employ a meticulous methodology that relies on both the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings posted on Tripadvisor during the 12-month period under scrutiny. These reviews provide an authentic reflection of the guest experience, from the moment they check in to the time they reluctantly bid adieu.


In addition to the review-based assessment, Tripadvisor incorporates an editorial process to ensure that the awards truly capture the essence of exceptional accommodations. This dual-pronged approach guarantees that the winners not only meet stringent quality criteria but also resonate with the diverse community of global travelers that Tripadvisor proudly serves.


From the iconic JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai to the tranquil Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, the global winners of these awards stand as testament to the evolving landscape of travel. They showcase that in an era of redefined priorities, hotels have risen to the occasion, creating havens where the pursuit of wellness and relaxation intertwine seamlessly with the pleasures of exploration.


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