Stor-Age Plans New Storage Facility In Prime Sandton Location

Stor-Age Property is set to redefine the landscape of self-storage with its upcoming modern facility in the affluent Sandhurst suburb of Sandton.


  • Construction is set to commence in November 2023 with an anticipated completion date in early 2025.
  • Situated on Sandton Drive, a main artery in Sandhurst, the facility boasts a prime location.
  • This innovative design promises a sophisticated and visually appealing addition to Sandton’s urban landscape.
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Angie Stroebel and Cheryl Reilly from Cushman & Wakefield | BROLL Transaction Services who managed the deal, emphasised the facility’s modern and attractive design. Angie highlighted the unique approach to integration with the neighbourhood, offering a soft boundary with immediate neighbours.


Unlike traditional storage garages, the design is a testament to world-class architecture and technology integration. The multi-floor storage concept optimises land use and reduces costs, presenting a departure from sprawling single-story units.


Brandon Joscelyne, Property Development Manager at Stor-Age, expresses the REIT’s excitement about this development. The location meets Stor-Age’s stringent criteria, emphasising visibility and proximity to high LSM residential areas. Brandon noted that the facility’s strategic position will not only benefit individual users but also serve the needs of businesses seeking short-term, flexible lease options.


Angie adds that the facility’s design aligns seamlessly with the neighbourhood, offering easy access to users. This stands in contrast to traditional storage properties often located in outlying industrial areas. The facility is expected to have minimal impact on traffic.


The journey to this facility began in 2018, with sale/purchase agreements signed. However, the project faced delays due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and the collaborative process with neighbours to create a mutually beneficial solution. The property transfer finally occurred at the end of 2022, setting the stage for the construction phase.


The scheduled completion in early 2025 marks the culmination of years of planning and strategic execution.


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