Starbucks’ New Space In Sandton City

Starbucks South Africa has unveiled its latest gem in the crown of Johannesburg’s prestigious Sandton City.


  • The grand opening on 20 November 2023, marked a significant leap in Starbucks’ expansion journey in the region.
  • The Sandton City store draws inspiration from Starbucks outlets in the Middle East, infusing a touch of luxury into the heart of Sandton.
  • Starbucks opened its first store in South Africa in Johannesburg back in 2016.
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Leah McCrae, Managing Director of Starbucks South Africa, shared insights into the strategic importance of Sandton City in Starbucks’ growth plan, emphasizing the fusion of global sophistication and local charm to craft an unparalleled experience for coffee lovers.


The interior, a blend of modern aesthetics and warm hospitality, perfectly encapsulates the vibrant tapestry of cultures and styles synonymous with Sandton City.


Every detail, from plush seating arrangements to the meticulous display of coffee and merchandise, contributes to an elevated retail encounter that seamlessly integrates with its opulent surroundings. Starbucks, known for its distinctive ambiance, has tailored its design to align with the affluent and dynamic nature of Sandton, promising an immersive experience for coffee enthusiasts and casual patrons alike.


Nestled among the elite, this Starbucks iteration creates a comforting haven for the diverse community frequenting the shopping center. Image: Starbucks South Africa

Situated in the famed ‘richest square mile in Africa’, Starbucks Sandton City caters to a community pulsating with corporate energy, high-end shopping, and gastronomic delights. Leah McCrae expressed the alignment of the new store with Sandton’s lavish standards, asserting the commitment to delivering premium coffee and culinary offerings in an atmosphere that resonates with the sophistication of the locale.

Our new store in Sandton City reflects the luxurious and dynamic nature of the area. We cater to the diverse needs of our guests, offering a space where business professionals can conduct meetings, families can enjoy a relaxed outing, and friends can gather in a stylish yet comfortable setting.

// Managing Director of Starbucks South Africa, Leah McCrae


At the helm of the Sandton City store is Basetsana Manaka, a resident of Alexandra and the appointed Store Manager. Basetsana, with a personal connection to the community, is dedicated to ensuring that Starbucks becomes an integral part of the lives of both residents and visitors. Reflecting on her journey with Starbucks, she expressed her joy in bringing her passion for coffee to Sandton City.

My adventure with Starbucks started at Eastgate, and I am thrilled to bring my experience and love for coffee to Sandton City. As someone who grew up and still lives in Alexandra, I understand the importance of community. I invite everyone to visit our new store, where each cup of Blonde Roast or refreshing Frappuccino is served with a story and a smile.

// Starbucks Sandton City Store Manager, Basetsana Manaka


As the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air in the heart of Sandton City, Starbucks’ new store promises a Grande time.


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