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The Sandton Times Hour – Now On Afripods And Amazon Music

The Sandton Times Hour, the weekly Sandton Times radio show and podcast, is now available on Amazon Music as well as Afripods, a platform focused on the world’s fastest growing digital continent – Africa!


  • In the vast and ever-evolving world of digital media, podcasts have emerged as a powerful and engaging medium.
  • The Sandton Times Hour podcast and radio show’s availability on Afripods and Amazon Music marks a significant milestone in its journey towards global recognition.
  • The show goes beyond headlines, offering an immersive experience that captures the spirit of a diverse and vibrant area.
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One podcast that has been making waves and gaining a dedicated global audience is The Sandton Times Hour. This weekly show provides a captivating glimpse into the heart of Africa’s economic powerhouse – Sandton, while also covering news and interviews from beyond the boundaries of Africa’s richest square mile.


As of the latest developments, The Sandton Times Hour has expanded its reach and accessibility, making it available on two prominent platforms, Afripods and Amazon Music. This strategic move comes as no surprise, considering Afripods’ focus on catering to the growing digital landscape of Africa, and Amazon Music’s wide global audience.


Afripods, a platform centered on Africa’s digital content, has opened up exciting opportunities for creators and listeners alike. By featuring The Sandton Times Hour on Afripods, the show now reaches audiences across the world who have a keen interest in content produced by Africans. It serves as a valuable channel to share African stories, developments, and perspectives on a global stage.


Moreover, with its full archive now hosted on Afripods, listeners can delve into the rich edpisodes of The Sandton Times Hour, exploring earlier releases and witnessing the growth and evolution of the show over time. This not only offers a convenient listening experience but also serves as a historical record of the show’s journey.


Adding to its global expansion, The Sandton Times Hour is now available on Amazon Music, a leading platform with a vast user base that spans continents.


Amazon Music
By featuring the latest interviews and news from Sandton and beyond on Amazon Music, The Sandton Times Hour continues to showcase Africa’s dynamism and progress to an even wider audience. Image: Pexels (Karolina Grabowska)

To underscore the podcast’s success and popularity, let’s take a glimpse at its chart performance on Apple Podcasts in various regions. In Mauritius, for example, the show achieved an impressive peak position in the Top 50 news category, according to Chartable data. This indicates the podcast’s resonance even in regions beyond South Africa’s borders, where listeners are keen on staying updated about Sandton and the business and cultural scene.


In South Africa, where the heart of the Sandton district beats, The Sandton Times Hour soared to a peak position in the Top 50 news category on Apple Podcasts. This ranking is a testament to its appeal among local audiences who eagerly tune in to catch the latest episodes.


Even as far as New Zealand, the show achieved a notable peak position in the Top 200 news category, according to Chartable data. This reflects the podcast’s ability to pique the interest of international listeners who seek fresh perspectives and insights from South Africa.


The success of The Sandton Times Hour can be attributed to its engaging content, well-researched interviews, and its commitment to showcasing the essence of Sandton, Africa’s economic heart.


As the show continues to expand its presence on diverse platforms, it serves as a gateway to Africa’s finest, breaking stereotypes and opening doors for meaningful content across the globe. Whether it’s discussing business developments, cultural events, or interesting stories, The Sandton Times Hour is undoubtedly a valuable addition to the radio and podcasting landscape, serving as a proud ambassador of South Africa’s achievements and potential.


With its well-deserved chart positions and expanding audience base, the show is poised to become a leading voice in digital audio, celebrating Africa’s diversity, ingenuity, and progress while informing listeners worldwide.


So, why wait? Tune in now and explore the allure of Africa’s richest square mile and beyond through The Sandton Times Hour!


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