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Sandton City’s ‘Future Icons’ Campaign Envisions Futuristic Fashion

Sandton City is once again pushing boundaries in the retail industry with ‘Future Icons’.


  • Building upon the success of their previous ‘City of Icons’ campaign, the center is now introducing the ‘Future Icons’ campaign.
  • This innovative initiative integrates artificial intelligence (AI) to showcase futuristic iterations of iconic fashion staples.
  • By leveraging technology and imagination, Sandton City aims to inspire shoppers and provide a glimpse into the future of fashion.
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Sandton City has established itself as one of Africa’s premier retail destinations. Boasting an impressive blend of retail, office, and leisure spaces, it has consistently ranked as South Africa’s top-performing retail destination.


With a diverse selection of over 300 local and international brands, including luxury offerings in the exclusive Diamond Walk, the center sets the standard for retail excellence. Sandton City is co-owned by Liberty Two Degrees, Liberty Group, and Pareto Limited, and managed by JHI Retail Proprietary Limited.


The Evolution of the City of Icons Campaign: Building on the success of the previous City of Icons campaign, Sandton City is now taking the concept to the next level. The Future Icons campaign invites shoppers to imagine how iconic fashion items will evolve in the future by incorporating technology. Using a generative AI program called Midjourney Bot on Discord, the center generates AI-driven iterations of fashion staples, sparking the imagination and taking shoppers on a futuristic journey.


Future Icons
By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, the center aims to enhance its relationship with shoppers and contribute to shaping the future of retail. Image: Sandton City

The digital space becomes the canvas for Sandton City’s technology-driven communication elements. Digital screens throughout the center display the AI-generated fashion iterations, enticing shoppers with the fusion of technology and fashion. Social media platforms serve as an amplified channel for the campaign, with influential personalities and thought leaders in fashion, beauty, accessories, and technology endorsing and discussing the campaign.


Sandton City takes shoppers behind the scenes with a futuristic docuseries showcasing the individuals involved in the campaign. This six-part series, to be featured on social media, explores how AI was leveraged to create the fashion iterations. It also highlights how different retailers within the center are embracing AI technology to improve and personalize the retail experience.


The Future Icons campaign exemplifies Sandton City’s commitment to pioneering innovation in retail. The campaign’s social media component was scripted using an AI model called ChatGPT, while an AI text-to-speech generator enhanced the voice-over for the campaign videos.


Dimitri Kokinos, General Manager of Sandton City, emphasizes the center’s dedication to pushing boundaries and inspiring shoppers. By remaining at the forefront of retail innovation, Sandton City aims to convey the excitement and limitless possibilities that the future holds for all. The Future Icons campaign serves as a testament to the center’s ambition to evolve and drive the evolution of the retail industry.


Future Icons
With its commitment to innovation, Sandton City continues to lead the way in shaping the future of retail. Image: Sandton City

Sandton City’s Future Icons campaign represents a groundbreaking approach to retail marketing by envisioning the integration of AI and technology with fashion. By showcasing futuristic iterations of iconic fashion staples, the campaign aims to inspire shoppers and ignite their imagination.


By leveraging AI and technology, Sandton City is not only staying ahead of the curve but also establishing itself as a visionary in the industry. As shoppers embark on a journey to imagine the future of fashion, the center invites them to explore the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. With the Future Icons campaign, Sandton City is shaping the future of retail and inspiring shoppers to embrace the exciting intersection of fashion and technology.


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