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South African supermodel, DJ, actress, and entrepreneur Roxy Louw has embarked on a new venture, unveiling her exquisite lingerie line, KAAL.


  • Launched in November 2022, KAAL has rapidly evolved from a local sensation to an international sensation under Roxy’s vision.
  • Drawing inspiration from her extensive modelling career, Roxy sought to create a brand that goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to empower women, making them feel confident, sexy, and in control.
  • KAAL’s premium luxury lingerie encompasses a diverse range, from bras to corsets, designed to not only celebrate the female form but also to embrace sensuality and inner strength.
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Hailing from Cape Town, Roxy Louw has carved a remarkable path for herself in the music industry. Beyond her identity as a supermodel, her foray into DJing in 2010 marked the beginning of a musical journey that showcased her exceptional skills and versatility. Roxy’s performances at major events and festivals across South Africa, including openings for renowned acts like Goldfish, have solidified her status as a sought-after performer. Her unique open-format DJ style, spanning genres from house to techno, is a testament to her ability to connect with diverse audiences.


The Minimal Lace Lingerie Set, a simple yet elegant ensemble suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions features a delicate lace design on the bra and matching g-string/panty. This set provides a comfortable and supportive fit, enhancing your natural curves. Image: KAAL

Roxy’s personal experiences have been instrumental in shaping KAAL into a brand that fills a unique niche in the market. Crafted with the utmost precision and using luxurious materials, KAAL has struck a chord with women from various backgrounds, gaining admiration from celebrities like Shashi Naidoo and Minki van der Westhuizen. As KAAL approaches its one-year anniversary, Roxy is not only celebrating the success but also gearing up for an expansion and the introduction of new collections.


Roxy’s impact extends beyond the realms of fashion and music. With a background in sport, media, and advocacy, she has used her platform to raise awareness about pressing issues. Collaborating with brands like Corona, she has been a vocal advocate for environmental causes, particularly against plastic pollution. Roxy’s commitment to making a positive impact is not limited to the environment; she has been an outspoken supporter of equal rights, consistently using her voice to advocate for women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ movement.


Roxy Louw’s vision for KAAL transcends mere fashion; it’s a statement that redefines empowerment through style, sensuality, elegance, and comfort. Image: KAAL

Her journey with KAAL Lingerie is not just about redefining fashion; it’s about celebrating individuality, and inspiring confidence.


To explore the world of KAAL Lingerie and discover the new collections, visit the KAAL website.


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