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South Africa Needs Saving: Reality Check At Sandton Restaurant

Nedbank, in collaboration with agency Joe Public, recently launched a thought-provoking ‘Reality Check’ campaign ahead of Savings Month shot at a Sandton restaurant.


  • The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the alarming statistics regarding retirement savings in South Africa.
  • The campaign shed light on the concerning financial situation faced by many South Africans.
  • 90% of the South African population are not saving enough for their future.
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Statistics revealed that the average South African citizen spends 80% of their salary within just five days and uses 67% of their monthly income to repay debts. These figures prompted Nedbank to address the issue of spending behavior and the importance of saving for retirement.


Nedbank’s campaign took a unique approach by transforming a trendy restaurant in Sandton, Africa’s wealthiest square mile, into a setting where the consequences of inadequate retirement savings were brought to life. The restaurant employed elderly actors instead of the usual young and lively waitstaff. Hidden cameras captured the patrons’ reactions, which varied from surprise to contemplation.



As diners received their bills, they were confronted with a stark message: “Reality Check. 90% of South Africans can’t afford to retire.” This powerful moment prompted a realization among patrons about the gravity of the retirement savings crisis in South Africa. The campaign successfully initiated a lively debate on the topic of retirement and encouraged individuals to reflect on their own saving habits.


The response to the campaign sparked online conversations about retirement planning and prompted individuals to consider taking control of their financial future.


Reality Check
The campaign’s intended impact was to provoke introspection and motivate action. By highlighting the difficulties South Africans face in saving, Nedbank and Joe Public hoped to encourage citizens to start saving, no matter how small the amount. Image: Joe Public

Martin Schlumpf, Integrated Executive Creative Director for Joe Public United, emphasized that it’s never too late to start saving. By addressing these pressing issues in their communication, Nedbank and Joe Public aimed to create a brighter future for the nation as a whole.


Nedbank’s collaboration with Joe Public to launch a campaign highlighting the retirement savings crisis in South Africa generated significant attention and discussion. By utilizing a unique and impactful approach, the campaign successfully emphasized the importance of saving for retirement and inspired individuals to take action towards securing their financial future.


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