Mushroom Farm Park

R13.6-million Mushroom Farm Park Storm-Water Emergency Rehabilitation Project

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) marked the Phase 1 completion of the emergency works storm-water rehabilitation project in Sandown Mushroom Farm Park with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


  • The Strathavon stream rehabilitation project was necessitated following heavy rains in 2020 and the subsequent damage caused by the stream’s flooding in Mushroom Park.
  • The project commenced in March 2023 and was completed in February 2024.
  • Phase 2 of the project will commence once budget becomes available.
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In a bid to address the aftermath of the devastating floods that struck Johannesburg in 2020, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has marked the completion of Phase 1 of the emergency works storm-water rehabilitation project in Sandown’s Mushroom Farm Park. This significant milestone was commemorated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the culmination of extensive efforts to fortify the area against future flood-related risks.


The impetus for this rehabilitation endeavour stemmed from the destructive consequences of the torrential rains in 2020, which led to severe flooding along the Strathavon stream, particularly affecting Mushroom Farm Park and resulting in the tragic loss of a motorist’s life at the Linden Street low-level river crossing. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the JRA mobilized resources to undertake crucial repairs aimed at mitigating the threat of similar incidents in the future.


Mushroom Farm Park
Emergency repairs to alleviate the risk of future flood damage include the rehabilitation of storm-water erosion protection from the Mushroom Farm duck pond waterfall up to the park’s boundary at Linden Street where four box culverts form a low-level river crossing at a cost of R13.6 million. Image: The Sandton Times

Acting CEO of the JRA, Zweli Nyathi, shed light on the scope of Phase 1, emphasizing the imperative nature of the repairs.

The damage inflicted by the 2020 floods necessitated immediate action to safeguard public safety and protect vital infrastructure within Mushroom Farm Park. Emergency repairs were carried out to reinforce storm-water erosion protection, extending from the Mushroom Farm duck pond waterfall to the park’s boundary at Linden Street. Additionally, enhancements were made to the low-level river crossing at Linden Street, involving the rehabilitation of four box culverts, at a total cost of R13.6-million.

// Acting CEO of the JRA, Zweli Nyathi


The commencement of the project in March 2023 marked the beginning of a concerted effort to address the vulnerabilities exposed by the 2020 floods. Over the course of nearly a year, Phase 1 of the rehabilitation project generated numerous employment opportunities.


Looking ahead, Phase 2 of the project awaits funding availability to initiate further enhancements. This phase will focus on upgrading the outlet stormwater culvert from the Mushroom Farm duck pond to the section east of Pretoria Avenue, encompassing critical areas for bolstering the park’s resilience against future flooding events.


Mushroom Farm Park
Phase 2 of the project which will commence once budget becomes available will upgrade the outlet storm-water culvert from the duck pond at the intersection of West and Katherine streets to the section where the culvert opens east of Pretoria Avenue at Mushroom Farm Park. Image: The Sandton Times

Cllr Kenny Kunene, MMC for Transport, emphasized the importance of preserving Mushroom Park as a cherished green space within the Sandton area.

Mushroom Park holds immense value for local residents and visitors alike, serving as a sanctuary amidst urban sprawl. The completion of emergency flooding repairs by the JRA is pivotal in safeguarding this cherished asset and ensuring its continued enjoyment within a secure environment.

// MMC for Transport, Cllr Kenny Kunene


The successful completion of Phase 1 of the Strathavon Stream Storm-water Emergency Rehabilitation Project represents a significant stride towards fortifying Mushroom Farm Park and its surrounding infrastructure against the forces of nature.


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