We Tried It: 12-Course Luncheon At PIER Restaurant

In 2021, Chef Proprietor of the La Colombe Group of restaurants Scot Kirton announced the opening of two new restaurants at the iconic V&A Waterfront: PIER Restaurant and The Waterside Restaurant.


  • PIER is situated on the first floor in the beautiful Pierhead Building.
  • The restaurant marks an exciting new venture for the La Colombe Group, closer to the hub of the V&A Waterfront.
  • The interiors of PIER are done by Bone Interior Design Studio.
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Having just snapped up another placement on the WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANT LIST the La Colombe Group have certainly secured their reputation as one of South Africa’s top dining destinations and now, the latest additions to the experiential dining offering brings their flavours closer to a wider audience.


Having dined at La Colombe in 2021, The Sandton Times headed down to Cape Town to take a seat at the table of two new restaurants in the La Colombe Group, centrally located at the V&A Waterfront, a bit closer to the Mother City’s heart compared to the other La Colombe Group dining destinations.

We have been looking at various sites at the Waterfront for many years now – when this site became available we needed little convincing to undertake this project. We hope to create an experience the Waterfront has never seen before – for both locals and international guests alike.

// Chef Proprietor of the La Colombe Group of restaurants, Scot Kirton


Naturally, expectations are high, when having visited La Colombe, a restaurant that is world-renowned and generally booked out months in advance, with clientele from all over the world wanting to be amazed, entertained and dined. What would PIER and The Waterside Restaurant have to offer that’s different?


On a Cape Town winters day (which entails winds and rain) we set out to the internationally recognised V&A Waterfront to enjoy a luncheon at PIER, which coincidentally occupies the same prime Waterfront view as The Waterside Restaurant, but on different levels. Umbrella’s and coats aside we’re ushered upstairs for a weekday lunch service, which see’s most of the restaurant dedicated to our visit – the way we like it! We’re soon introduced to our marvelous waiter Wonder, who proceeds to take our drinks orders and check dietary requirements.


But instead of following the usual set menu which involves something in the region of 12-courses, the decision is made to abandon the menu and allow the kitchen free reign on our palates to enjoy some of the best of the outgoing Summer menu and get a preview of some up-and-coming Winter menu delights.


Refresher towels, served on shells with dry ice smoke, set the scene for what is to come! Image: The Sandton Times

Adventurous eaters as we are, this sounded like just the plan. At the helm of PIER is John Norris-Rogers, who left La Colombe to join the launch team at La Petite Colombe, which, under his guidance, was recently named the second best restaurant in Africa at the recent TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice ‘Best of the Best’ Awards.


With Norris-Rogers as Head chef, PIER serves up only the finest local produce with a special emphasis on inspiration from the ocean along with the tableside magic diners have come to expect from the La Colombe Group. Think of it as a theatre ticket with a performance that happens to serve food too. With some dishes revealing dry ice smoke, others finished off table side and each with their own tale and twist, it’s certainly more than just grabbing a quick bite.


Whilst not wanting to take away the experience for other diners, commonly referred to as a ‘spoiler alert’, we’ve picked some of our favourite dishes from the 12-courses to wet your appetite:


Crayfish | Pork Jowl | Spiced Coconut

Image: The Sandton Times

A delicate dish, adapted for dietary requirements, usually served with Crayfish instead of chard corn, with layers of surprises.


Karoo Lamb

Image: The Sandton Times

Finished off table side on a Hibachi Grill with herb crust and a variety of vegetables.


Honey | Chamomile | Stone Fruit

Image: The Sandton Times

A gorgeous dessert inspired by the honeycomb bringing together a pleasure of flavours.


Cheese from the Trolley

Image: The Sandton Times

A selection of breads, fruits and spreads served with a range of South African cheeses, cut fresh from the trolley.


Sea Salt

Image: The Sandton Times

A sweet ending to a well balanced lunch, a duo of beautifully shaped bonbons served on a bed of course salt.


Particularly notable are the incredible non-alcoholic cocktails. More than just a simple mixture of various fruit juices, the bar team goes the extra mile to conjure up a drink as sophisticated as its alcohol infused counterparts – most likely even better!


As Wonder wraps up the final lunch act in a stellar service performance, it goes without saying that PIER understands that a memorable dining experience requires more than just exceptional food. The eye for detail, theatrics, positioning and design make for a most memorable experience. PIER diners will get to experience an intimate, multi-course fine-dining experience at one of the world’s most-loved destinations, in a space designed with a soft palette, using the right tones and materials to set the stage for exquisite cuisine.


To book your seat, visit the PIER website, and whilst you’re going – ask for Wonder and tell him, we sent you!


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