Upper Union

Upper Union: A Curious Culinary Journey in Cape Town’s Kloof Street Neighbourhood

Situated within the vibrant Kloof Street Neighbourhood of Cape Town lies Upper Union, a stylish eatery housed in a heritage building.


  • Representing MORE Family Collection’s debut in the restaurant scene, Upper Union offers a unique shared-dining experience.
  • At the helm of Upper Union’s culinary creations is Executive Chef Amori Burger, renowned for her innovative approach to communal dining.
  • Drawing inspiration from her South African roots and family traditions, Chef Amori Burger infuses her dishes with bold flavours and seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers.
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Having just climbed off South Africa’s largest super-yacht for some canapes and bubbles, The Sandton Times headed to the Kloof Street Neighbourhood to dine at one of the Mother City’s must-visit dining spots.


Upper Union
This season, the kitchen has delved into intriguing and unconventional techniques, with the team experimenting with fermentation, pickling, and preservation methods, all of which now play a prominent role across the menu. Image: The Sandton Times

The dining experience at Upper Union is positioned around shared plates, encouraging guests to engage and indulge in a diverse array of dishes. The menu, expertly curated by Chef Amori Burger, offers a choice between the Chef’s Seasonal Menu or the Garden Menu, both showcasing the finest ingredients of the season. From hearty mains to flavourful small plates, each dish is designed to delight the palate and foster a sense of communal enjoyment.


Upper Union
That Upper Union’s kubaneh bread course – a firm favourite – served with a selection of spreads including Cream of The Crop’s makhana butter. Image: The Sandton Times

Among the highlights is the Chef’s Menu, a decadent feast for two featuring warm kubaneh bread with mebos and ‘cream of the crop’ makhani butter, followed by a selection of starters, mains, and sides. For those seeking a more customizable experience, the menu also offers a variety of small plates to mix and match according to individual preferences.


Upper Union
Savor the exquisite flavors of fresh sea bass enhanced with zesty tiger’s milk and refreshing green papaya, offering a summer culinary experience. Image: The Sandton Times

Chef Amori Burger’s culinary journey began with childhood memories of cooking with her sisters, fostering a deep-seated love for food and hospitality. Prior to joining Upper Union, Chef Amori Burger honed her skills at Lion Sands properties and other premium establishments, earning accolades for her culinary prowess. Her menu at Upper Union reflects a commitment to seasonal produce, ensuring an ever-evolving dining experience for patrons eager to explore new flavours and textures.


Upper Union
Start off your meal with the savory delight of ox tongue complemented by the rich flavor of Worcestershire gel and the subtle kick of horseradish, promising a starter like no other. Image: The Sandton Times

Complementing the culinary offerings are Upper Union’s meticulously crafted cocktails, conceptualised by the award-winning team from Sin + Tax bar. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and innovative flavour combinations, the cocktail menu promises a sensory journey that perfectly complements Chef Amori Burger’s culinary creations.


Upper Union
A selection of cocktails and mocktails crafted by talented mixologists make for the perfect pre-meal drinks. Image: The Sandton Times


The restaurant’s Victorian-inspired decor provides a charming backdrop for the dining experience, with bold colours, rich textures, and intricate details evoking a sense of elegance and nostalgia. From the mosaic ‘carpet’ at the entrance to the stained-glass windows and custom-designed furniture, every element has been carefully curated to create a unique and inviting ambiance.


Upper Union
Indulge in the succulent Picanha rump steak, accompanied by a vibrant waterblommetjie and nasturtium chimichurri, served alongside house-made feta, a refreshing celery herb slaw, allium confit, and perfectly seasoned salt-baked beetroot, promising a symphony of flavors to share. Image: The Sandton Times

In recognition of its exceptional cuisine and inviting atmosphere, Upper Union has received accolades such as One Star at the prestigious Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards and One Plate for excellent cuisine by the JHP Gourmet Guide.


Upper Union
Indulge in the timeless harmony of chocolate hazelnut and raspberry, elegantly layered within the delicate dacquoise, for a symphony of flavours that delight the senses. Image: The Sandton Times


Upper Union
Conclude your dining experience with a nostalgic treat: a popcorn sugar cookie ice cream sandwich, filled with a delightful blend of corn and Frosties ice cream, evoking sweet memories with every bite. Image: The Sandton Times

Whether savoring Chef Amori Burger’s innovative dishes or indulging in expertly crafted cocktails, diners are sure to leave Upper Union feeling inspired, satisfied, and eager to return for another unforgettable dining experience.


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