South African’s will be able to visit the Seychelles again, following this week’s announcement by the Indian Ocean islands’ Ministry of Health that South Africa is removed from Seychelles’ list of ‘Restricted Countries’.


  • Visitors from South Africa will once again be able to board flights to the paradise islands of the Seychelles with effect from September 13.
  • In the latest Health Entry and Stay Conditions for Travellers update (V3.5), passengers from South Africa, vaccinated or not, will be allowed entry to the islands without the need for quarantine on arrival.
  • The Seychelles is a sought-after destination for South Africans, with the destination recording over 14,355 visitors in 2017.
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There could be no better news for those planning an end of year break – the Seychelles is ready to welcome back visitors from South Africa with only three simple points to keep in mind:


According to the latest advisory, entry and stay conditions in the Seychelles will not be affected by COVID-19 vaccination status, but visitors are strongly encouraged to be fully immunised before travel. Passengers will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test done within 72-hours of departure and complete a Health Travel Authorisation at


It’s a very wise decision post-pandemic to have comprehensive travel insurance in place when heading overseas. Visitors to the Seychelles will need to provide proof of valid Travel & Health insurance to cover COVID-19 related quarantine, isolation or treatment if and when required.


Visitors from South Africa meeting the above criteria may, whilst they are in Seychelles, stay in any certified tourism establishments with no minimum length of stay in the first establishment. They need not take a routine Day 5 surveillance PCR Test2. Conditions for stay for children up to age 17, regardless of their vaccination status, will be as for the parent/guardian they are accompanying.


Visitors who have been in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Nepal, and/or Pakistan, countries which remain on the Restricted List, in the preceding 14 days will however not be permitted entry into Seychelles.


The pandemic and ensuing restrictions have hamstrung travel and from generating 12’000 visitors prior to the pandemic in 2019, arrivals dropped to less than 2’000 last year and to 218 as of September 5 this year. Image: The Sandton Times

The opportunities that this important market offers, primarily for the fly-fishing niche, and beyond that to the South American market. With over 71% of our population fully vaccinated and the vaccination of adolescents 12 -18 years well underway, Seychelles is doing what is necessary to keep both its population and its visitors safe.

// Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde


Whilst addicted to beaches and swimming pools, South African travelers are known to be very adventurous, venturing on nature trails, hiking, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and are keen to meet the local population and participate in cultural activities whilst on holiday.


The removal of restrictions is also welcome news to a significant number of Eden Island homeowners living in South Africa who will now be able to return to Seychelles with their families. Image: The Sandton Times

Travellers want to stay safe in a pure environment whilst on holiday and what better place than the Seychelles at this time of uncertainty. Tourism operators and their staff have all been trained to minimise and mitigate the risk posed by COVID-19, developing standard operating protocols in collaboration with the health authorities, earning COVID-safe certification.

// Tourism Seychelles Regional Director for Africa & the Americas, David Germain


For complete details of requirements, all visitors should consult and prior to travel.


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