New Balance Opens New Flagship Store In Sandton

New Balance has opened its African flagship store in Sandton City.


  • The launch coincides with the brand’s annual Grey Day, a celebration that honours the colour grey and its profound connection to New Balance’s history and philosophy.
  • By incorporating elements of both modern design and traditional craftsmanship, the Sandton City store reflects the brand’s ethos of combining innovation with a rich heritage.
  • The Grey Days WRPD Runner and the 1906R, unveiled during the launch, are prime examples of how the brand continues to innovate while honouring its roots.
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In honour of Grey Day, New Balance recently premiered a short film titled Grey Days, which pays tribute to the brand’s impact across various facets of sneaker culture, from sport to street style and beyond. The narrative of the film underscores the importance of grey in the brand’s legacy, showcasing its timeless influence and enduring appeal.

We believe that the Grey Days film will resonate deeply with our community, inspiring them to embrace their individuality and celebrate the timeless elegance of grey in style and spirit.

// Country Manager of New Balance, Craig Bowen


New Balance
Official ribbon cutting at the New Balance flagship store in Sandton City. Image: New Balance

At the Sandton store launch, two standout pieces from the latest Grey Days collection were unveiled: the Grey Days WRPD Runner and the 1906R. These items are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and embody the timeless elegance and versatility of the colour grey.


A highlight of the New Balance retail experience is the innovative Uncommonly Common Concept (UCC), which made its debut in South Africa at Gateway Mall in Durban and Canal Walk in Cape Town. The UCC aims to revolutionize traditional shopping by putting people first, creating a space where consumers can explore authentically and fearlessly.


New Balance
The store design aims to foster connections, inspire creativity, and celebrate individuality, making it a haven for the independent-minded, according to the brand. Image: New Balance

The UCC embodies both monumentality and intimacy, seamlessly blending organic elements with precision and refinement. By embracing this duality, New Balance invites shoppers to engage with the brand on a deeper level, transforming them from mere shoppers into passionate advocates.


Additionally, the emphasis on visual storytelling for select products highlights their makers and origins, looking to showcase the rich history and heritage that place New Balance at the intersection of sport and culture.

We are thrilled to bring the New Balance experience to Sandton City. Our flagship store represents a fusion of innovation and tradition, offering consumers not just a place to shop, but a space to connect, explore, and be inspired.

// Country Manager of New Balance, Craig Bowen

New Balance
What sets the UCC apart is its curated selection of New Balance merchandise, chosen to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Image: New Balance

The store’s unique design and the launch of the Grey Days collection underscore New Balance’s position at the forefront of sport and culture, inviting all to join in this new and exciting journey.


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