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The Ndlovu Youth Choir, with their vibrant and uplifting sound, take to the Montecasino Teatro on May 1, in a brand-new theatrical piece entitled ‘AFRICAN PULSE’, conceptualised and produced by Showtime Management.


  • A team of highly experienced industry specialists brings a new set of performance skills to the Ndlovu Youth Choir.
  • Over 150 people within the arts industry will be employed in the production and staging of this show.
  • Funding for the show is made possible through a grant by the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme (PESP) under the auspices of the National Arts Council.
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The story-line is inspired by the spirit of the Limpopo based, Ndlovu Youth Choir whose talents, under the direction of Ralf Schmitt rose to international fame in 2020 when this group of unknown South African vocalists reached the finals of America’s Got Talent, Season 14. African Pulse is a story of resilience, courage and the determination of a young group of South Africans who come together with a burning desire to become a recognised and successful choir.


Although they have no idea what the future may or may not hold, especially in often adverse circumstances, their ongoing passion and ambition drives them, making them stronger and more determined to reach their goal. Their stars are aligned with the pulse of the universe, ensuring that they shine no matter what. Their destiny to become a world-renowned choir is inevitable.


This remarkable story is told through song and dance using the choir’s existing repertoire and its most successful hits including “Africa”, “Jolene”, “Shallow/Enxwemeni”, “Shape of You” and “Higher Love” also featuring their newest and original compositions like “Hold On”, “Ungandibulali” and “We Will Rise”.


The live entertainment industry is one of hardest hit by the COVID-19 epidemic and resulting lockdown regulations. Losses to this industry over the last year are enormous and is production is assisting contract workers, freelance workers and suppliers.


Ndlovu Youth Choir Montecasino

While providing much needed employment opportunities at the start of 2021, our long-term plan is to utilise the opportunity created through this grant to further add job creation by developing a show that could eventually tour locally and internationally, once touring opens up.

// Showtime Management, Tony Feldman


‘AFRICAN PULSE – Celebrating the Ndlovu Youth Choir’ will be staged at Montecasino’s Teatro on May 1, with two performances at 2pm and 6pm. Strictly adhering to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, the total audience capacity of 250 patrons is permitted at each performance. Limited tickets are on sale at R250 per ticket. To avoid disappointment book now at www.showtime.co.za


Proceeds from ticket sales will assist an industry cause that is feeding crew and artists who have not been able to work for more than a year.


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