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These Are The Sandton Times’ 5 Most Read Stories Of 2021

2021 has been another year unlike any other, and some of the most-read stories on The Sandton Times reflect some of the mixed interests and moments that shaped the year for Sandton.


  • Even during lockdown, Sandton saw an array of stories unfold during 2021.
  • The Sandton Times has seen a 249% increase year-on-year (Dec 2020 vs Dec 2021).
  • Other notable stories included the 2021 Daytona Rally.
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As the lockdown continued into a second year and shaped the national conversation, greater Sandton experienced a return to some ‘normality’, with store and restaurant openings, launches, and some events taking place. There was also a fair share of current news and tragic stories that shaped the year 2021 in Sandton.


These are the most read stories on The Sandton Times website, that moved around the world, and piqued the interest of Africa’s richest square mile:


5. First Look: 4 Dishes We Tried At The New Tempting Tang Restaurant

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There is no debating that the interior and execution oozes modern luxury as the entrance to TANG, with its sexy water feature, opens up into the main dining area, set with cocktail and sushi bar, Japanese cherry blossoms, and rustic wooden tables. It’s a place where a fusion of casual and fine dining dance eloquently close to each other. At first, it may seem über chic and unthinkably unaffordable but, in a moment, there are elements that bring everything back to earth.


4. Chris Coutroulis Funeral Service To Be Live Streamed December 7

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An unprecedented outpouring of sadness and disbelief filled social media following the news of Coutroulis’ passing. The popular nightclub and hospitality mogul was a father to four children and was married to former Miss South Africa Vanessa Carreira. His nightclubs became synonymous with big names, having hosted a number of major events including the Maxim Top 100 and international celebrities like David Beckham, Black Coffee, and Drake to name a few.


3. 15 Epic New Stores Opening In Sandton Malls

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Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square welcomed 15 new stores and designer destinations to the directory of over 300 existing retail experiences.


2. Beware Of Buccleuch Interchange Warns Sandton SAPS

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The Sandton SAPS urged motorists to take safety precautions when driving in Beccleuch, keeping their distance and an eye on their surroundings.


1. Sandton Bids Farewell To ‘King Of Clubs’ Chris Coutroulis

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Family, fans, friends, colleagues, and socialites alike took to social media to mourn the passing of Taboo Group owner, Chris Coutroulis, after a prolonged illness.


The Sandton Times wishes all its followers, advertisers and regular readers a very Happy New Year and all the very best for 2022!


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