New Stores Sandton Malls

15 Epic New Stores Opening In Sandton Malls

Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square will be welcoming 15 new stores and designer destinations to the directory of over 300 existing retail experiences.


  • Sandton City has 300 shops from Louis Vuitton to the iStore and more.
  • Built in 1973, Sandton City is 48-years old this year.
  • Liberty Group Limited and Liberty Two Degrees co-own Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square.
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Despite The Sandton Times reporting that YOU CAN NOW SHOP AT SANDTON CITY FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE, nothing seems to quite substitute the experience of touching and feeling a product, as Sandton’s leading shopping destinations continue to experience good occupancies.

It’s not just about being better, it’s about being different; and giving consumers a reason to choose Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square as their preferred retail destination. The success of a shopping centre depends heavily on the retail experience, and our retailers, creative and operational teams are committed to keeping their finger on the pulse, and always being ahead of the curve.

// General Manager of Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square, Preston Gaddy



Here’s what you can expect to see in Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square over the next few months:


Adidas will be opening its first Halo store concept in South Africa, and the largest store Adidas has ever launched on the African continent, at the end of June 2021. With a strong focus on digital, sustainability and innovation, the 1’600 sqm store in Sandton City will offer an interactive and completely revolutionised retail experience, featuring personalised products, localised campaigns and a premium women’s fitness and fashion offering.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Created by Giorgio Armani to capture the heritage of the Armani brand through the lens of its young fashion-forward urban spirit; the A|X Armani Exchange label is coming to Sandton City. Inspired by street culture, this trendsetting boutique will boast modern bold shapes in original shades, which reflect contemporary designs and stylish details, aimed at street fashion lovers and those who live a metropolitan life.


CHANEL will unveil its first flagship Fragrance and Beauty Boutique in Johannesburg in June 2021 at Sandton City. Dedicated to fragrance, makeup and skincare, this boutique brings CHANEL Beauty into a new dimension for South Africa. The immersive space will offer a large range of fragrances from the iconic N°5 to COCO MADEMOISELLE L’EAU PRIVÉE and LES EAUX DE CHANEL. The boutique will also present a comprehensive selection of CHANEL sunglasses. The CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutique will be a place of true expression, where elegance and audacity are in perpetual motion.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Back by popular demand, leading fashion boutique Desch is reopening their contemporary boutique in Sandton City, and to celebrate, will be offering shoppers the premium shopping experience they are renowned for, as well as a 40% opening discount for the month of April 2021.


Coming to the Food Court, CHIAPAS eat Mexican will offer consumers an authentic Mexican experience of building their own burritos and burrito bowls, as well as traditional crispy tacos, salads and nachos. Made from the freshest quality ingredients, the much-loved Mexican fast-food chain opens in Sandton City in May 2021.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Opening their first store outside of Kwazulu-Natal, Gorimas’s Culinary Fusion is coming to Sandton City. With an authentic and affordable offering of premium spices, home cooks and chefs alike will be able to discover the iconic flavours and delights of Durban in the heart of the City.


Bringing a family favourite home to Sandton City, GAP will be opening their second store in South Africa in early winter. Recognised and loved by a global audience for its modern approach to American optimism, GAP will offer their iconic product range of essentials, from new-borns to adults, including denim, t-shirts, and hoodies.


New Stores Sandton Malls


With a legacy spanning over 43 years, Koco Binowas one of the founding stores when Sandton City originally opened its doors, and will boast a brand new look and location from April 2021. An institution in the City, Koco Bino has shared in three generations of milestones, happiness and excitement and “given birth” to their exclusive label, designed and manufactured in South Africa.


With a fresh new look and an attitude to match, Okaidi has relocated to a bigger and brighter space in Sandton City, that is easily accessible and the perfect place to launch their impressive new Winter Collection.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Opening its first flagship store in Nelson Mandela Square in June 2021, Luxity boasts the largest source of pre-owned, authenticated luxury in the Southern hemisphere. An enchanting entrance will entice consumers into 500 sqm of luxurious mirrored retail space, featuring Carrara and Piatra marble, a VIP vault to showcase and shop luxury watches; as well as a Gentlemen’s Lounge, featuring a fireplace and fully-stocked signature bar.


Inspired by the street cafès of Portugal, infused with the lively energy of the people of Africa, and blended together in a place that inspires the soul, VIDA E CAFFÈ is the embodiment of the vida way of life. This year, they celebrate twenty years of life and coffee, and will be opening their doors in Sandton City in the next two months.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Goldsmiths Wolfgang and Werner Schmidt, of ROMA Jewellers, are two of the few craftsmen who still create jewellery in their own workshop today; and have opened their doors in Nelson Mandela Square. Producing rare pieces rich in design and form, their collection is delicately crafted by hand, from the most precious materials. Transforming heirloom jewellery into modern masterpieces, and preserving jewellery passed down from generation to generation, they restore, repair and polish every piece to its former glory.


With a rich heritage and history with the Italian Air Force; Aeronautica Militare has since become a recognizable lifestyle apparel brand, and has recently opened its doors in Nelson Mandela Square. One of the most recent mono brand stores to be opened in South Africa, and satisfying those in search of distinctive Italian style and a strong, authentic identity; Aeronautica Militare is synonymous with quality and design in their comprehensive unisex seasonal wardrobe to suit every occasion.


New Stores Sandton Malls


Celebrating 20 years of harvesting South African stories and traditions through fashion; The House of Sun Goddess is looking forward to an exciting new chapter, as they reopen in Nelson Mandela Square. Offering consumers an authentic and uniquely African retail experience, when it comes to fashion and lifestyle; their exclusive accessories, craftsmanship, textiles, fabrics and palettes define African luxury design at its finest. Awarded for their retail offering and outstanding customer service, The House of Sun Goddess celebrate their sweet 16th year of trading in the Sandton Precinct this year.


A tantalising new world-class offering to the Joburg foodie scene is set to open its doors in Nelson Mandela Square. TANG, a luxury Asian restaurant and bar, designed by award-winning Tristan Du Plessis, marks a return to the city’s restaurant scene by hospitality entrepreneur Nicky van Der Walt. TANG will take guests on an exotic culinary journey, led by seasoned chefs Lai Kuan Geo and Wesley Chen. Featuring sumptuous Pan Asian flavours, TANG’s menu will be complemented by a lavish Asian tropical setting; and a first for Johannesburg, a 60-seater Moët & Chandon bar will spill out onto the terrace.


New Store Sandton Malls


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Nelson Mandela Square and Sandton City are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm and on Sunday & Public Holidays from 9am to 6pm.


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