LXX Sandhurst

Exclusive: LXX Sandhurst To Open July 2024 In Sandton

You read it here first…In a ground-breaking move, the Cavaleros Group will be opening LXX Sandhurst, a boutique lifestyle centre situated at 70 Rivonia Road this July.


  • This much-anticipated development is poised to become the signature project for the Cavaleros Group.
  • Scheduled to open its doors in early July 2024, LXX Sandhurst draws its name from the Roman numerals for 70, symbolizing its location at 70 Rivonia Road.
  • A project that marries innovation with revitalization, the centre is an exciting redevelopment of the former IBM offices.
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Meticulously re-engineered, the original structure has been enhanced with an additional floor above ground and two subterranean levels dedicated to parking, creating a seamless and efficient shopping experience for visitors.

We’re very excited. We haven’t developed a shopping centre in a while and this is going to be our signature development for the Cavaleros Group in terms of retail.

// Head of International Acquisitions with the the Cavaleros Group, Alexi Cavaleros


What sets LXX Sandhurst apart from conventional commercial complexes is its commitment to providing a cozy and welcoming environment. The architectural design focuses on creating a tranquil space, with open layouts and an abundance of natural light to enhance the overall shopping experience. LXX Sandhurst aims to be more than just a shopping destination; it aspires to be a rejuvenating escape from the frenetic pace of urban Sandton life.


LXX Sandhurst
Dining choices will be further expanded with the addition of Dough & Co. and CowFish. Image: The Cavaleros Group

At the heart of LXX Sandhurst’s retail ecosystem are major anchor tenants like Checkers, Petshop Science, and Clicks. Checkers will unveil a signature design, offering a premium shopping experience. Petshop Science and Clicks are set to provide customers with diverse options, catering to both pet enthusiasts and health-conscious shoppers. Tashas, renowned for its culinary excellence, will introduce a signature destination, while Istanbul Kebab will open a sprawling 1300sqm alcohol-free restaurant specializing in Turkish cuisine and offering hookah pipes.


Lifestyle-focused stores are also set to make their mark at LXX Sandhurst, with NUDO Hair Lab, Bespoke Man, and AURA Laser & Beauty contributing to the diverse retail landscape. These establishments aim to provide shoppers with unique and curated experiences, aligning with LXX Sandhurst’s vision of becoming a hub for lifestyle enthusiasts.


LXX Sandhurst
LXX Sandhurst promises to combine convenience with a selection of lifestyle-led stores, catering to the discerning tastes of Sandtonites. Image: The Cavaleros Group

One of the most exciting features of LXX Sandhurst is the introduction of a brand new 1500sqm function venue located atop the building. This versatile space is designed to host private and corporate events, adding a touch of sophistication to Sandton’s social scene. Adding to the intrigue, an additional 1000sqm space with a rooftop bar is still under wraps.


The Cavaleros Group‘s rich history in Sandton, owning both the Hilton Hotel Sandton and The Maslow Hotel Sandton buildings, positions LXX Sandhurst as a natural extension of their commitment to the area. As Africa’s richest square mile welcomes this new space, LXX Sandhurst stands ready to redefine convenience shopping and leisure in the heart of Sandton.


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