Lost Barn Find Collection

Rare & Valuable: Global Expert Weighs In On Louis Coetzer’s Lost Barn Collection

The Louis Coetzer’s Lost Barn Collection find has been hailed as a ‘rare and valuable’ find by a global subject matter expert.


  • The auction catalogue reads like a compendium of automotive history, featuring classics from American, European, UK, and South African manufacturers.
  • From sleek Cadillac Devilles to rugged Ford Fairlanes, the line-up promises something for every collector’s taste.
  • Rare V8 and even V12 engines add another layer of intrigue, appealing to enthusiasts seeking to revive these mechanical marvels.
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In the realm of classic car aficionados and collectors, the allure of a barn find is akin to uncovering buried treasure. The Sandton Times reported on the story of Louis Coetzer’s Lost Barn Find Collection with approximately 150 vintage automobiles nestled in a forgotten barn in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. This discovery has sent ripples through the global collector car community, capturing the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide.


Barrett-Jackson’s Lead Auctioneer, Joseph Mast, described the collection as ‘a very rare find on a scale that even we don’t come across in the United States’. For a veteran in the auction industry, Joseph’s astonishment underscores the magnitude of this discovery.


Lost Barn Find Collection
The Coetzer collection stands out not only for its size but also for the remarkable condition of its contents. Image: Creative Rides

Unlike typical barn finds, where vehicles languish outdoors, exposed to the elements and wildlife, Louis Coetzer’s cars were sheltered within the confines of a barn. Though cloaked in layers of dust, these automobiles remained remarkably preserved, shielded from decay by their indoor sanctuary. Joseph notes that this level of preservation is unprecedented, suggesting that these cars may rank among the best-preserved barn finds ever unearthed.


The significance of Louis Coetzer’s collection extends beyond its sheer size and preservation. It offers a glimpse into automotive history, spanning decades of design and engineering evolution. From rare Chevrolet Novas to iconic Mercedes Benzes, each vehicle tells a story of its own, reflecting the diverse tapestry of automotive heritage.


Kevin Derrick, CEO of Creative Rides, the organization overseeing the auction, underscores the passion that drove Louis Coetzer to amass this remarkable collection. Spanning five decades and encompassing over 600 vehicles, Louis Coetzer’s devotion to classic cars shines through. Mercedes Benz enthusiasts, in particular, will find much to admire, as the auction pays homage to Louis Coetzer’s lifelong affinity for the marque.


Joff van Reenen, Creative Rides’ Director and Lead Auctioneer, emphasizes the historical and international significance of the Louis Coetzer collection. With an archive of over 5’000 images documenting each vehicle, Joff affirms the collection’s enduring legacy in the annals of automotive history. Indeed, the auction represents not just a sale but a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship.


Bidding will commence on 25 March 2024, marking the beginning of a 10-day auction extravaganza. With bids accepted exclusively in South African rands (ZAR), enthusiasts from around the globe can participate in the bidding frenzy.


Lost Barn Find Collection
As the auction draws to a close on 3 April 2024, successful buyers will await the announcement of their acquisitions, securing their place in the halls of automotive history. Image: Creative Rides

For these fortunate individuals, owning a piece of the Louis Coetzer collection is more than a mere transaction—it’s a chance to preserve and honour a legacy spanning generations and one man’s lifelong effort to bring together these remarkable vehicles.


In the end, the story of Louis Coetzer’s Lost Barn Find Collection transcends the realm of classic cars, embodying the spirit of discovery and passion that drives enthusiasts worldwide. It serves as a reminder that hidden treasures await those willing to embark on the journey of exploration, breathing new life into relics of the past for generations to come.


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