Lost Barn Find Collection

Historic Automotive Discovery: The Lost Barn Find Collection

In a remote corner of South Africa, nestled between insignificance and obscurity, a nondescript piece of land has become the unlikely stage for a remarkable discovery: the Lost Barn Find Collection.


  • Marking the final chapter of Oom Louis Coetzer’s illustrious 50-year automotive journey this is truly an astonishing find.
  • Over 600 vehicles, including rare classics and vintage gems, will soon go under the hammer in a monumental 10-day online-only auction hosted by Creative Rides.
  • Oom Louis Coetzer’s legacy is firmly etched in history as the curator of the largest individual car collection ever documented in South Africa.
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Kevin Derrick, CEO of Creative Rides Classic & Collectibles Auctions, has revealed the awe-inspiring Lost Barn Find Collection, boasting approximately 200 cars that span an array of iconic brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Porsche, and BMW.


Lost Barn Find Collection
Beyond the cars themselves, the collection encompasses a treasure trove of automobilia, engines, classic car spares, original manuals, and body parts, offering enthusiasts a rare glimpse into automotive history. Image: Creative Rides

The journey to unearth this automotive treasure began with a routine sale of land in a remote Eastern Cape settlement, where the Coetzer family stumbled upon an unexpected revelation. Joff van Reenen, Lead Auctioneer of Creative Rides, recounts the emotional journey of documenting and cataloguing the extensive automotive cache that lay dormant for decades. Stepping into the dim expanse of a barn, Joff describes the surreal moment of encountering row after row of cars, blanketed in decades of dust, waiting to be rediscovered.


Lost Barn Find Collection
What started as a routine estate disposal soon evolved into an extraordinary odyssey, uncovering more than 200 cars hidden within the shadows of the barn and across several farms near Barkly East. Image: Creative Rides

However, the true magnitude of Oom Louis’ Lost Barn Collection only became apparent as the meticulous cataloguing process unfolded. The global significance of the find, emphasizing the rarity of such an extensive and undiscovered collection outside the United States, is tremendous.


Lost Barn Find Collection
Months of sorting, documenting, and research have culminated in the preparation for the online auction, preserving the vehicles in their original discovery condition to showcase the historic magnitude of the find. Image: Creative Rides

With bidding on the Lost Barn Find Collection set to commence on 25 March 2024, anticipation mounts as collectors and enthusiasts prepare to vie for a piece of automotive history. As the final moments of the auction approach, the legacy of Oom Louis Coetzer and his remarkable collection will endure.


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