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Le Petit Chef: A Culinary Adventure At Southern Sun 54 On Bath

The culinary world is set to be turned upside down as the renowned ‘World’s Smallest Chef’, Le Petit Chef, returns to dazzle diners at the luxurious Southern Sun 54 on Bath hotel in Rosebank.


  • Prepare to be immersed in a mind-blowing and innovative dinner show that promises to be a ‘Never-To-Be-Forgotten’ experience.
  • Dinner Time Stories SA with Le Petit Chef Southern Africa is not just a meal; it’s a multisensory gastronomic adventure that has garnered international acclaim.
  • The latest 3D 4K iteration, titled ‘How To Become The World’s Greatest Chef’, is set to unveil the secrets of culinary greatness.
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Having seen the first viral video a few years back, of a tiny, digitally projected table-top Chef cooking up a virtual storm before diners very eyes, as if conjured up by magic, there are many who struggled to believe what they had seen and couldn’t wait to experience this piece of eventing wizardry themselves. The Sandton Times had a chance to soak-up the latest season of the World’s Smallest Chef also known as Le Petit Chef, which has been in South Africa for a few runs, in an evening of wonder and multiple-course dining theatre.


The evening journeys through a delectable and interactive six-course dinner designed to mirror the show’s tabletop projected entertainment. The menu is shrouded in mystery, adding an element of surprise to the culinary journey. The tabletop projection, props, music, and décor work seamlessly to transport diners through different eras and locations, creating an immersive experience from the comfort of their seats.

This show turns an ordinary plate into a world stage for the greatest show, teaching you how to become the ‘World’s Greatest Chef’. It’s not just a meal; it’s a spectacle where every diner plays a crucial role. The experience combines cutting-edge technology, bespoke entertainment, delectable dining, and unparalleled service to captivate all the senses.

// Show Producer and Owner of 100% EVENT, Paul Rouessart


Spoiler Alert: For those wanting to avoid knowing too much about the details of an evening with Le Petit Chef: How To Become The World’s Greatest Chef, don’t read the rest – here are the booking details!


Le Petit Chef is making the most of his time at 54 on Bath with an early-bird special, offering an immersive experience at R1’295 per person, including a complimentary glass of Boschendal NV MCC bubbly. Iconic wine pairings, showcasing the harmony between food and drink, are available at an additional cost of R395 per person.


Child-friendly shows are scheduled for Sunday lunches (ages 5 and older), while other shows are strictly for children over the age of 12, starting at 7pm. As always, the experience runtime is 3½ hours. To book, visit the Computicket website.


Le Petit Chef
Developed and designed during lockdown, this latest release of Le Petit Chef’s adventures is bolder and more detailed than ever before, given the time the design team had in crafting the storyline. Image: Le Petit Chef

Back to the details of the experience! Le Petit Chef: How To Become The World’s Greatest Chef takes diners on a historical and artistic journey. The first course plunges into the roots of staple ingredients, transporting diners back to the Aztec empire with unexpected twists. The second course invites diners to embrace their inner art critics, exploring the intersection of visual and culinary art as Le Petit Chef shares how his favorite artists influence his plating precision. Diners even get to try their hand at edible art under the guidance of the tiny chef.


As the evening unfolds, Le Petit Chef shares intimate childhood memories, offering a glimpse into the family foundations that shaped his culinary journey. The show culminates in a musically inspired rendition where the world-renowned chef reveals industry tips, techniques, and secrets. The grand finale invites diners to showcase their newly acquired skills, attempting to earn the coveted title of World’s Greatest Chef under the guidance of Le Petit Chef.


Le Petit Chef
Photos and videos struggle to capture the theatre experience that unfolds before diners very eyes, blending fantasy with reality with the odd cheeky comment by Le Petit Chef. Image: Le Petit Chef

Individual attention is paramount, with only 60 seats per show, ensuring that every guest is treated like a VIP. The collaboration between Le Petit Chef and Dinner Time Stories SA is a testament to the creativity of Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck, renowned for their work with Skullmapping. In Southern Africa, the experience is brought to life by Paul Rouessart, a show producer and owner of 100% EVENT.


Executive Chef Donaldson Madubela and his magical culinary team, led by the tiny maestro himself, Le Petit Chef, are ready to cater to all dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone. Madeleine Roux, General Manager of 54 on Bath, expresses excitement about welcoming the Le Petit Chef experience, anticipating guests’ reactions to the spectacular show that awaits them.


Le Petit Chef is not just for diners; it’s for adventurers who embrace their childhood spirit and enjoy having fun whilst dining in a never seen before way. It is truly a magical and remarkable night out so, grab a fellow foodie, indulge your senses, and soak up the memories as you dine with Le Petit Chef.


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