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‘Keeping Up’ With Schalk Bezuidenhout Comes To Emperors Palace

Schalk Bezuidenhout returns to ‘The New York of the East Rand’, as he calls it, with his latest show ‘keeping up’, at the Emperors Palace Theatre of Marcellus, October 21 and 22.


  • Schalk returns from touring Edinburgh to premiere a new show for South African audiences.
  • He’s had a busy year with appearances on stage and screen.
  • Schalk has his own range of Pinotage wine and online merchandise store, featuring some of his catch-phrases.
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Kempton Park born Schalk Bezuidenhout has been in stand-up since April 2011, and since then has been woke – seriously woke. The self-confessed liberal guy at the braai, the retro jersey wearing comedian is having to watch his words, as much as the petrol price. And it’s not like Schalk is against change! But in this ever-changing world and society, he is just trying to keep up.

I called the show ‘keeping up’, because the world has changed so much especially in the last 10-years or so. I mean, wow, if I just think that I was pretty much in Matric just over 10-years ago and things were very different then. I know a lot of comedians are rebelling against woke culture and the new order of things, but you know what, I’m not. I’m just trying to keep up.

// Comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout


‘keeping up’ is Schalk’s fifth one-man show and makes its Johannesburg debut on in his home town, and he couldn’t be happier to be taking on Emperors Palace Theatre of Marcellus.

Especially because that’s where I went to go watch shows there as a kid. I saw some of the greats on that stage and remember sitting there thinking how amazing it would be to be on that stage one day. So to be up there where so many amazing performers have been is a bit of a dream come true…(excuse the schmaltz, but it’s true).

// Comedian, Schalk Bezuidenhout


Schalk is taking ‘Keeping Up’ countrywide, with ticketing details available on his website. ‘keeping up’ at Emperors Palace Theatre of Marcellus starts at 7:30pm and tickets are available for R200 via TicketPro.


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