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Just Teddy Opens At Nelson Mandela Square In Sandton

Boutique pâtisserie and boulangerie Just Teddy, renowned for having redefined heritage haute cuisine, has brought its fashion-inspired fusion of Parisian delights fused with Middle Eastern flair to Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton.


  • Just Teddy presents a Middle Eastern inspired setting that has earned it the nickname “the emerald” of Nelson Mandela Square.
  • The Dubai inspired launch featured belly dancers, bubbly, canapes and some of the brands closest friends, family and choice media.
  • Visitors can also savor their famous waffles and pancakes from a kiosk that serves them in genuine Just Teddy fashion.
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With its new dining location that opened this past weekend in Africa’s richest square mile, visitors to Nelson Mandela Square can now savor and experience the luxury café dining and world-class confectionery creations that accompany Just Teddy’s signature savoir-faire.


A lavish evening menu has been introduced to the bespoke experience, offering fans of Just Teddy all the brand is known for and more. The décor was inspired by the elegant opulence of Dubai. The special craftsmanship of the Nelson Mandela Square experience will also be enhanced by the addition of a champagne bar and semifreddo station.


Just Teddy
The brand-new Just Teddy also offers an opulent breakfast menu with dishes like lobster benedict to rouse even the most delicate palates. Image: The Sandton Times

The iconic entremets represent the pinnacle of a multi-sensory culinary experience, while the opulent cocktail menu, which includes the Blueberry & Chai Koeksister Cocktail, makes the ideal refreshment to any visit.


From Tuesday through Sunday, visitors may enjoy the limited-edition, highly-coveted Just Teddy high tea, which features melt-in-your-mouth Middle Eastern concoctions infused with flavors from other countries and scented with rose water, dates, and za’atar. Enjoy beautiful éclairs, elegantly adorned in transparent pastel colors and more. Reservations are required.


Just Teddy
Just Teddy at Nelson Mandela Square spreads out into the retail space, bringing much needed foot-traffic and energy into the area. Image: The Sandton Times

The charming backstory of Just Teddy contributes to its appeal. Teddy and the Zaki family, who established Just Teddy from humble beginnings, began selling their distinctive products at 1Fox in the heart of Johannesburg. Initially a small booth, it quickly expanded into a larger stand and a 24-hour bakery as customers couldn’t get enough of the distinctive flavors and expertly constructed goods.


Teddy Zaki was soon extended an invitation to take part in the Great South African Bake Off. He rapidly gained a following as television viewers were captivated by him as well as how Teddy also skilfully incorporated his Lebanese and French ancestry into his compositions.
As they say, the rest is history. In 2019, Just Teddy opened its doors in Hyde Park Corner, where it quickly gained a reputation as a luxury destination by fusing their distinctive flavors and flair with a reputation for attention to detail.


Just Teddy
The operation of this establishment will be free of all pork and pig byproducts, and as usual, Halaal gelatin will be used in all dishes and sweets. Image: The Sandton Times

The second Just Teddy restaurant in South Africa, located in Nelson Mandela Square, promises a unique gastronomic experience with each meal.


At accordance with the trading hours of the Square, Just Teddy is open seven days a week.


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