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Indaba Hotel Gin School Experience: Did Someone Say Gin ‘0 Clock?

Have you ever tried Gin and Macaroons – together? I did at the Indaba Hotel Gin School, and it’s what I would describe as a “match made in heaven.”


  • The Indaba Hotel Gin School Gin Experience includes a 2-hour Masterclass with a 500ml bottle of handcrafted Gin with a Personalised Label.
  • Make sure you have a designated driver on hand, grab yourself an Uber or stay over at The Indaba Hotel.
  • The Indaba Hotel Gin School hosts a variety of different Gin distillers so keep your eyes open for upcoming collaborations.
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The Incendo Distillery at the Indaba Hotel Gin School in Fourways invited The Sandton Times to experience their handcrafted Gin & Macaroon Tasting and oh, how great it was to be out again!


Welcomed with some Spier Secret Sparkling Wine by Incendo Distillery’s Francois Joubert at the Indaba Hotel Gin School, we went back in time, exploring the origins of Gin to the present day and explored the immense popularity that Gin enjoys today.


After a very informative introduction, an enthusiastic palette and a very anxious liver, Magalies Classic Gin, the first serve of three Gin’s for the evening featured 16 botanical flavours, most of which are local, the rest being imported. This classic gin embodies the freshness of spring and the citrus aroma with a mild bitterness. It has a scent of lemon and lime, and its strong taste is bold enough to stand out with a tonic. A smooth swallow makes it perfect for a solid drink. Paired with a delicious lime and mint macaroon – who’s to say perfection is an illusion?


With the second Gin, the taste of Foral Essence touched my lips and swirled around the tongue and before swallowing and inhaling air, I was already able to get through the scent and taste of rose. Its pink undertone makes the Magalies Rose Gin sync in perfect harmony with the pink tonic, grapefruit and Turkish Delight. It’s a luxury drink that beautifully compliments the rose and chocolate macaroon – both these wonderful sensations can be described as little fairies moonwalking on my tongue.


Indaba Hotel Gin School
Life is a journey and so is creating a special bottle of artisanal Gin. Image:

Finally, even if I felt for a moment, my senses weren’t awoken yet, the most popular and award-winning Gin from the range of Magalies Gin, stirred me immediately. This potent, Magalies Lavender Gin is well rounded with its high yet not overwhelming notes of lavender and juniper berries. Bringing together a purplish, almost blue (could pass as a violet) colour, this Gin, is a perfect blend of lime, lemons, rose and citrus with its prominent ingredient being lavender and juniper berries.


The combination of flavours, is what makes the Magalies Lavender Gin so versatile, not only because of its perfect blend but its rusty, herbal and earthy lavender and juniper berries infused and distilled into making the Magalies Lavender Gin, which harmonises with a flavourful Rooibos macaroon.


For those macaroon lovers, these macaroons were by far unmatched and if you can’t visit Paris, then bring Paris home. Take a look at Nicole’s Macaroons.  If you are keen on experiencing and creating a customized Gin, visit The Indaba Hotel Gin School website.


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