Huawei Reveals FreeClip Earbuds Along With New Tech For 2024

Huawei has kicked off 2024 with an introduction to their recently unveiled technology. Among the new devices launched are the Huawei FreeClip – a pair of unusually shaped earbuds with an open ear design.


  • Huawei also revealed its new MateBook D 16 laptops and Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2”.
  • Despite a challenging past three-years, the tech giant remains confident that it is here to stay.
  • Huawei has taken a “Fashion Forward” theme onboard, where form, functionality, style and technology meet.
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Huawei unveiled three ground-breaking devices during an intimate media briefing in Sandton: the Huawei FreeClip open-ear earbuds, the MateBook D 16 laptop, and the MatePad Pro 13.2″ tablet.


One of the standout features of Huawei’s latest audio offering, the FreeClip, is its distinctive C-bridge design. This design is not just about aesthetics; it’s a new approach to listening comfort, with a snug and breathable fit for users on the move. Crafted based on data from over 10’000 global human ears, the micron-level ergonomic craftsmanship looks to deliver a comfortable and durable audio solution.


The C-bridge design serves a dual purpose as both a clip and a connector for the earbuds, enhancing overall wearing comfort. Image: Huawei

The design is not just about functionality; it adds a touch of fashion to your outfit, making the FreeClip not only a practical audio device but also a stylish accessory.


When used with the accompanying charging case, the Huawei FreeClip offers 36-hours of listening, ensuring that users can enjoy their favourite tunes throughout the day without worrying about battery life. The earbuds can intelligently identify the wearer’s left and right ears too, avoiding the hassle of having to figure out which one goes where.


With support for AI Crystal-Clear calls and dual-device connections, the FreeClip becomes a useful companion for frequent travellers and fitness enthusiasts.


The meticulous design and extensive reliability tests, exceeding 25’000 in number, underscore Huawei’s commitment to delivering a high-quality audio experience. Image: Huawei

Huawei also released two more major tech products. Huawei’s MatePad Pro 13.2″ marks a significant leap forward in the tablet industry. Boasting a flexible OLED screen with an astonishing 94% screen-to-body ratio, this tablet promises to set a new standard in terms of display size and clarity. The 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth interactions and an immersive visual experience.


Weighing in at a mere 580g and measuring just 5.5mm thick, the MatePad Pro 13.2″ is not only one of the lightest tablets available but also one of the thinnest. This emphasis on mobility is complemented by the tablet’s sleek design, making it an ideal companion for professionals, students, and anyone on the go.


The MatePad Pro 13.2″ is set to redefine the boundaries of productivity and creativity. The expansive display, coupled with the slim bezels, creates a high screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, providing users with a larger canvas for work, study, and entertainment. Whether you are a creative professional or a multitasking office worker, this tablet offers a reimagined device that caters to your diverse needs.


For those seeking a powerful and immersive computing experience, the Huawei MateBook D 16 stands as an ideal choice. The 16-inch Eye Comfort FullView Display, with its thin bezels and high screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, provides a spacious and engaging workspace for users.


Under the hood, the MateBook D 16 is equipped with the 12th Gen Intel Core i5 High Performance Processor, delivering a significant boost in performance. This makes it an excellent choice for users engaged in resource-intensive tasks like programming, illustration, and video editing, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. The laptop’s design reflects Huawei’s commitment to elegance and functionality, with a sleek Mystic Silver finish and a thin chassis measuring just 17mm. Weighing a mere 1.68kg, the MateBook D 16 is easy to carry, making it an excellent companion for both work and play.


Additionally, the MateBook D 16 prioritizes connectivity with the Huawei Metaline Antenna, enabling ultra-long-distance connections of up to 270 meters. This ensures a superior online experience, whether you are working remotely or enjoying multimedia content.


Huawei’s latest trio of devices—the FreeClip open-ear earbuds, MatePad Pro 13.2″ tablet, and MateBook D 16 laptop—these devices hope to make a significant impact in their respective markets. Whether you are an audiophile, a tablet enthusiast, or a power user, Huawei’s latest offerings cater to a diverse range of needs, promising a sound user experience.


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