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ROG Ally Pricing Released As Pre-Orders Open in South Africa

Republic of Gamers (ROG) revealed the ROG Ally at an exclusive event in Sandton this week. Better still, South African gamers will be able to pre-ordered their units from two retailers right away.


  • The ROG Ally is set to take the gaming world by storm.
  • The new Windows 11 gaming handheld is powered by an AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor.
  • Republic of Gamers (ROG) is an ASUS sub-brand dedicated to creating the world’s best gaming hardware and software.
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Are you a fan of lighter indie titles that offer unique and immersive experiences? Or do you prefer diving into graphically intensive AAA games that push the boundaries of visual splendor? Well, guess what? The ROG Ally is designed to handle both with ease. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to endless gaming possibilities!


Get ready to experience gaming like never before with the all-new ROG Ally. This handheld gaming device is here to take gaming performance to unimaginable heights. Equipped with the revolutionary AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor and RDNA 3 graphics, the ROG Ally is a force to be reckoned with.


But what’s the secret behind the ROG Ally’s extraordinary gaming prowess? It’s all thanks to ROG’s innovative Zero Gravity thermal system. This cutting-edge technology ensures that the Ally stays cool and collected in any orientation. With its dual-fan system, ultra-thin heatsink fins, and high-friction heat pipes, the Ally keeps its cool even during the most intense gaming sessions. So, whether you’re playing in landscape or portrait mode, the Ally has got your back.


ROG Ally
Pro Streamer Chloë Geraghty flanked by ROG Ally support crew at the official launch in Sandton. Image: ROG

Of course, flagship gaming performance calls for a display that matches the power under the hood. And the ROG Ally doesn’t disappoint. Its 120Hz full HD (1080p) panel with FreeSync Premium support delivers unparalleled motion clarity, allowing you to see every detail in fast-paced games. No more tearing or stuttering when the FPS drops!


With a maximum brightness of 500 nits, you can also take your gaming adventures outdoors and easily keep track of the action even in challenging environments. And don’t forget, the touchscreen display lets you effortlessly navigate the Windows desktop, making it a breeze to change settings or install your next game.


Speaking of Windows, the ROG Ally runs on the latest Windows 11 operating system. This means you can access all your favorite games from various publishers and game streaming services, all in one place. No matter where the latest and greatest titles are available, the Ally has your back. Whether you prefer the traditional joystick and button controls or the convenience of the touchscreen, navigating the Windows desktop is seamless and intuitive.


But wait, there’s more! The ROG Ally comes with a Special Edition of Armoury Crate, customized with all the features you need for an exceptional gaming experience. From quick performance mode toggles to a game launcher and in-game monitoring software, the Ally has it all. And as a special bonus, ROG is offering a bundled 90-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That means instant access to a treasure trove of amazing games from Xbox Game Studios, indie developers, and blockbuster hits. The moment you power on your Ally, you’ll be ready to embark on gaming adventures like never before.


ROG Ally
Guests at the ROG Ally launch in Sandton getting a first hand feel for the new gaming unit. Image: ROG

When it comes to handheld gaming, weight and ergonomics are everything. That’s why ROG engineers went above and beyond to create the perfect gaming machine. Weighing in at just 608 grams, the Ally is incredibly lightweight, making it a joy to carry and play with all day long. Say goodbye to tired arms and hello to uninterrupted gaming pleasure.


The Ally’s ergonomic design doesn’t stop at its weight. Its handgrips feature unique triangle texturing on the rear, giving you a solid hold on the machine from any angle. And with ROG styling lines on the palm side of the grip, accidental slipping becomes a thing of the past. Gamers can now pre-order the ROG Ally in South Africa for R15’999 for the Z1 Extreme variant. Orders will start shipping on 15 June 2023, and you’ll also find the ROG Ally on shelves at Makro stores nationwide from the same date.


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