The Greenhouse Bar

First Look: The Greenhouse Bar Reopens In Sandton

Popular nightlife hotspot, The Greenhouse Bar, has reopened at 24 Central in the heart of Sandton, having been extensively damaged following a fire earlier this year.


  • Part of the Boulder Group, The Greenhouse Bar reunites with fellow establishments Babylon and Amazon.
  • The entertainment destination will reopen in the same space it previously occupied in 24 Central.
  • In the past, The Greenhouse Bar hosted both local and international music acts, making it a popular nightlife destination.
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It’s déjà vu as The Greenhouse Bar in Sandton returns, following a Grand opening featuring the sounds of GoodLuck joined by MCK. The restaurant closed after a fire in February gutted the entire venue. The Greenhouse Bar originally opened in Sandton in late 2021.


The Greenhouse Bar
Interior of The Greenhouse Bar in Sandton. Image: The Sandton Times

With hours to spare, The Greenhouse Bar reloaded to the public and invited guests just in time – with some final touches likely over the coming days.

We know that the Joburg clientele has been exposed to incredible things, not only here in Joburg, but in places that they’ve travelled to. We want every element of the customer experience to be escapist and magical. We aim to go above and beyond their expectations.

// COO of the Boulder Group, Adam Schlosberg


So what’s new or different? Not too much. The entrance has been re-positioned and a dedicated stage area has been created. Greenhouse 2.0 decor, bar and kitchen position, as well as the outside areas remain very much the same as before. The seating has been changed up a bit with more open spaces and a dedicated DJ booth. The signature artificial plants adorning The Greenhouse ceiling return as well as a seemingly larger bar service space.


The Greenhouse Bar
Outside area of The Greenhouse Bar in Sandton. Image: The Sandton Times

The new, re-greened venue, hopes to deliver the same trademark experience, but on a larger scale. The restaurant has been completely revamped and a new menu has been curated by Head Chef Carolina Rasenti, complimented with a signature Greenhouse scent.


The Greenhouse Bar
A new menu has been curated by Head Chef Carolina Rasenti. Image: The Sandton Times

Tiling has been provided by Wolkberg Casting Studio, a South African company, whilst at the centre of it all stands a tree fashioned from an interior column. The tree is the work of Pretoria-based master carpenter Bram Van de Minkelis, whose family has a 400-year pedigree in woodworking. The interior space itself has been extended, with more ablution facilities for guests.


The Greenhouse Bar
At the centre of it all stands a tree fashioned from an interior column. Image: The Sandton Times

Operating Wednesday to Sunday, The Greenhouse Bar opens at 12pm and closes at 2am.


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