Hope For The Best – Prepare For The Worst: EcoFlow Powers Your Homes During Load-Shedding

EcoFlow, a leading global provider of sustainable energy solutions, is stepping up to the plate, offering accessible, reliable, and eco-friendly power solutions to ease the load-shedding worries of South Africans.


  • Load-shedding has become an all-too-familiar headache for South African households.
  • With Eskom announcing the possibility of even more severe load-shedding, the need for reliable power alternatives has never been greater.
  • EcoFlow is renowned for its unwavering commitment to providing reliable and sustainable power solutions.
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To address the load-shedding challenges faced by many South African homes, EcoFlow has introduced its range of portable power generators, which includes the versatile RIVER 2, RIVER 2 Max, and the powerful DELTA 2.


One of the standout features of EcoFlow’s portable power stations is their cost-effectiveness and convenience. Designed with lightweight, compact, and plug-in capabilities, these power stations can be easily transported anywhere, require minimal setup, and are user-friendly, making them ideal for households of all sizes.


But what sets EcoFlow apart from the competition is its cutting-edge technology. The patented X-Stream technology incorporated in the RIVER 2, RIVER 2 Max, and DELTA 2 ensures lightning-fast charging times, with a complete charge achieved in just an hour for the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max and 80-minutes for the DELTA 2. This is five times faster than the industry average, providing users with quick and efficient access to power during load-shedding.


Moreover, the EcoFlow power stations are equipped with 3000-cycle LFP batteries that promise up to 10 years of use, backed by a 5-year warranty. With load-shedding expected to continue for the foreseeable future, investing in an EcoFlow portable power station offers the assurance that your power options will outlast the load-shedding periods.


Furthermore, unlike petrol or diesel generators, EcoFlow’s portable power stations generate green energy without emissions and make minimal noise. Image: Ecoflow

When it comes to choosing the right power backup, capacity matters. The EcoFlow RIVER and DELTA series offer a range of options suitable for powering everything from essential appliances to heavy-duty equipment. For entry-level users, the RIVER 2, with a capacity of 256Wh and a rated output of 300W (X-boost 600W), is a perfect choice. It can power a 10W lightbulb for 8-20 hours, charge a smartphone 19 times in one cycle, or keep the WiFi router running for 8 hours.


For those needing more power, the RIVER 2 Max, with double the running time of the RIVER 2, is a reliable option. However, for extended periods of load-shedding, the flagship DELTA 2 is the ideal choice. With an expandable capacity from 1 to 3kWh and 1800W rated output (X-boost 2400W), the DELTA 2 can power a 50″ TV for 8 hours or a 120W electric blanket for 7-14 hours, providing joy and warmth throughout the night.


EcoFlow portable power stations are equipped with EPS mode, which automatically switches on to power essential appliances within 30 milliseconds of a power outage, ensuring uninterrupted operation during load-shedding.


Besides being a practical power solution, EcoFlow portable power stations also foster family bonding during load-shedding. With multiple ports available, the RIVER 2 can charge up to 5 devices, the RIVER 2 Max can handle 9 devices, and the DELTA 2 can power a laptop and 12 other devices like Wi-Fi routers, phones, TVs, and game consoles simultaneously. This means you can banish boredom and keep your family entertained during those dark hours.


With their lightweight design, some models weighing as little as 3.5kg, you can easily carry them wherever you need, making them the perfect power companion for your family, both indoors and outdoors.


Incorporating eco-friendliness into its core values, EcoFlow portable power stations can be charged through multiple means. Image: Ecoflow

You can quickly charge them through a wall socket, with the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max fully powered within 60 minutes and the DELTA 2 in just 80 minutes. Additionally, these power stations are compatible with solar panel attachments and some car chargers, providing a green alternative for charging. Using solar panels, you can be fully charged again in as little as 3 hours, ensuring that you have a continuous supply of power during load-shedding.


Load-shedding is no longer a temporary inconvenience in South Africa but a persistent challenge that requires a proactive response. As the saying goes, “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” With the EcoFlow RIVER 2, RIVER 2 Max, or DELTA 2, you can be prepared for the next 10 years and beyond, ensuring that your home stays powered during load-shedding.


Don’t let load-shedding disrupt your life. Visit EcoFlow’s website and take advantage of one of the best load-shedding sales this winter to secure your reliable power companion and embrace a future powered by green energy. With EcoFlow, you can have hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.


To sweeten the deal, EcoFlow is offering exclusive discounts on its portable power stations. As of 14 July 2023, customers can enjoy up to 41% off on the RIVER line and the powerful DELTA line. The RIVER 2, now reduced by R1’000 to R5’999, offers the best entry-level option in its class, while the first generation DELTA is on sale for a limited time at R19’999, with a free 160W solar panel, saving you up to 41%. Other product combos, like the DELTA Max (2000) Solar Generator Combo and the DELTA Pro + Extra Battery Combo, are also available at discounted rates.


For more information and to take advantage of one of the best load-shedding sales this winter, please visit EcoFlow’s website.


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