DV Gin Nero

This Sandton Hotel Has Just Released Its Own ‘DV Gin Nero’

Gin enthusiasts in greater Sandton have an exciting reason to rejoice – the DaVinci Hotel & Suites is set to become the first licensed establishment in greater Sandton to offer black gin on its illustrious bar menu.


  • Sandton, the bustling heart of Johannesburg’s economy, is an area known for its luxurious offerings and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Elegance and sophistication are synonymous with the DaVinci Hotel & Suites, which boasts exquisite architecture and classic black and white inspired interiors.
  • This renowned hotel has always been a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, and now, with the introduction of the exclusive black gin, it promises to become an even more enticing destination.
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Dubbed ‘DV Gin Nero’, which translates to ‘Black’ in Italian, this unique gin has been carefully crafted and bottled exclusively for the DaVinci Hotel & Suites by none other than the award-winning The Johannesburg Distilling Company.


Guests will have the pleasure of enjoying this exquisite spirit from the comfort of the hotel’s lounge/bar, or they can take a piece of the experience home by purchasing a bottle as a cherished keepsake of their time spent in the vibrant city of Johannesburg.


Andrew van Hasselt, the General Manager of the DaVinci Hotel & Suites, shares the inspiration behind the creation of DV Gin Nero.

We wanted a story guests could take home with them and share with family and friends on their return. The black gin is the first of its kind in Joburg, and the beautiful bottle can even be repurposed as a décor item back home.

// The DaVinci Hotel & Suites General Manager, Andrew van Hasselt


This thoughtful approach not only adds to the allure of DV Gin Nero but also enhances the overall guest experience.


DV Gin Nero
The gin features a distinct burnt-orange flavor profile, ensuring a sensory experience like no other. Image: DaVinci Hotel & Suites

Designed to cater to young, vibrant, and sophisticated gin enthusiasts, DV Gin Nero aims to entice those who appreciate the nuances of expertly crafted gin. Adventurous souls will also find delight in the journey of discovery facilitated by the hotel’s newly curated cocktail list. The list features modern twists on classic cocktails, drawing inspiration from various aspects of DaVinci’s own life and times.


Among the many intriguing concoctions on offer, guests can enjoy ‘The Enigmatic Smile’, a delightful blend of Campari, sweet vermouth, orange peel, aromatic bitters, and simple syrup. For those seeking a more enchanting option, ‘Lisa’s Grotto’ beckons with its tantalizing mix of elder-flower liqueur, jasmine tea-infused lavender syrup, fresh lemon juice, and blackberries.


Whether you are an avid gin lover or someone looking for a memorable culinary adventure, DaVinci Hotel & Suites promises an experience to cherish. DV Gin Nero, whether enjoyed neat with tonic or as part of a flavorful cocktail, is a sensory delight that will leave guests wanting more.


The introduction of DV Gin Nero at the DaVinci Hotel & Suites marks a significant milestone in the world of gin in Sandton. With its distinctive burnt-orange flavor profile and elegant packaging, this exclusive creation promises to captivate the taste buds of gin enthusiasts and adventurous cocktail aficionados alike.


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