5 Things That Set Crawford International Sandton Apart From All Other Schools In South Africa

Crawford International Sandton is a school in South Africa that stands out from others due to its unique educational environment and the abundance of dynamic learning opportunities it provides.


  • The school follows four internationally aligned academic pillars that form the basis of its teaching and learning approach.
  • These pillars encompass a focus on being locally and globally relevant, embedding future-focused skills, designing personalized learning journeys, and empowering student agency.
  • Together, these pillars offer students at Crawford International Sandton an education that goes beyond expectations.
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1. Student Agency…One of the pillars, Student Agency, is particularly noteworthy. Student Agency refers to the concept of students actively shaping their own education through meaningful engagements and experiences. Students are encouraged to explore their own interests, driven by their wonder and curiosity, and take the initiative in designing their own inquiries, voicing their ideas, leading discussions, setting goals, and choosing how they learn and communicate their understanding.


2. Voice and Choice…In contrast to traditional South African schools that adhere to strict rules and conformity, Crawford International Sandton embraces the individuality of its students and encourages them to make important decisions regarding their learning journey. Students are empowered to exercise their voice and choice by selecting their own subjects, choosing the teachers they prefer to work with, adopting practices that suit their learning styles, and even deciding on their uniform combinations.


Crawford International Sandton
The school empowers students to actively participate in their own learning, providing them with the tools and opportunities to shape their education. Image: Crawford International Sandton

3. Personal Investment…This approach promotes personal investment in education as students feel a sense of ownership and actively shape their learning pathways, progress, and overall journey. It fosters a culture of sharing knowledge, skills, ideas, and deeper understanding, rather than relying on a one-way flow of information.


4. Disengagement…By implementing the concept of ‘Voice and Choice,’ Crawford International Sandton addresses the issue of student disengagement that is prevalent in many schools. Students are more engaged and willing to participate in lessons when they have the opportunity to explore their interests, passions, and strengths. This increased engagement naturally leads to improved performance as students identify their own next steps towards success and progress.


5. Transitions…Furthermore, the incorporation of Student Agency and ‘Voice and Choice’ into the learning model has proven beneficial during times of transition, such as the worldwide pandemic. Schools that have embraced this approach have experienced smoother transitions into blended, online, and distance learning. Students who are agents of their own learning can readily adapt and move forward academically without relying solely on teacher guidance. This ability to take ownership of their learning path prepares students for the demands of the future, where flexibility and self-motivated learning are essential. Student Agency, with its emphasis on ‘Voice and Choice,’ is just one of the dynamic educational pillars offered by Crawford International Sandton.


To learn more about Crawford International Sandton and its unique educational approach, visit their website for additional information.


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