Illegal Advertising

Billboard Battles: City of Johannesburg Takes On Illegal Advertising

The City of Johannesburg’s Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Development Planning, Cllr Eunice Mgcina, is taking a strong stand against the proliferation of illegal advertising billboards across Johannesburg.


  • MMC Eunice Mgcina’s effort to combat illegal advertising in Johannesburg is a positive step towards reclaiming the city’s visual beauty and enforcing municipal bylaws.
  • Two illegal billboards on Grayston Drive in Sandton were dismantled by teams from the City of Johannesburg during the initial operation.
  • With more actions planned in the coming weeks, the City sends a strong message that lawlessness will not be tolerated, and everyone must abide by the rules.
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In recent revelations, MMC Eunice Mgcina uncovered the existence of numerous unauthorized billboards erected in prime locations along arterial roads, tarnishing the city’s visual landscape and causing millions in lost revenue due to non-compliance with municipal advertising bylaws.

It has come to my attention, since I assumed office, that a number of these illegal advertisement billboards have cropped up across the city, particularly in high-traffic areas. They are costing the city millions in lost revenue.

// City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Eunice Mgcina


In a move to combat this issue, MMC Eunice Mgcina, along with officials from the City’s Single Law Enforcement Unit, the JMPD, and City Lawyers, recently took action to dismantle two massive billboards on the corner of Grayston Drive and the M1 motorway, located inside InnesFree Park in Sandton, featuring a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer and a Dutch pale lager beer, which were found to be in blatant violation of municipal bylaws.


Illegal Advertising
The operation to bring down these illegal structures required the coordinated efforts of two crews from the City, along with assistance from colleagues in the Gauteng Province, and it taking over 8 hours to complete. Image: City of Johannesburg

Some of these billboards obstruct pedestrian movement, occupying non-designated spots. We will be unyielding in our stance against businesses that flagrantly disregard our municipal bylaws.

// City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Eunice Mgcina


This move aligns with Executive Mayor Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda’s call during his State of the City Address in May to end the era of lawlessness in Johannesburg.

We are unwavering in our commitment to tackle lawlessness head-on. Across all our regions, we will be dismantling illegally erected structures. Compliance with our bylaws must be taken seriously, and we will not hesitate to enforce the law.

// City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Development Planning, Cllr Eunice Mgcina


The City has already identified numerous illegal advertising billboards and various other unlawfully constructed structures, which will be removed in the coming weeks. Illegal billboards not only mar the city’s aesthetics but also pose safety concerns and hinder the flow of pedestrians and traffic. By taking a tough stance against these unauthorized structures, the City of Johannesburg aims to restore order and uphold its municipal bylaws.


In a statement released by the City of Johannesburg, it emphasized that it is essential for businesses and advertisers to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the municipality to ensure that the urban environment remains visually pleasing and safe for all residents and visitors. MMC Eunice Mgcina’s campaign against illegal advertising sends a clear message to all businesses and advertisers operating in Johannesburg: compliance with municipal bylaws is not negotiable. Companies must obtain the necessary permits and approvals before installing any advertising structures.


The enforcement of advertising bylaws will not only protect the city’s revenue and visual appeal but also promote a sense of civic responsibility among businesses and residents.


As the campaign gains momentum, the City of Johannesburg hopes to become a role model for other cities dealing with similar challenges. By standing firm against illegal advertising, the City looks to set a precedent that will encourage businesses to operate within the bounds of the law, leading to a more harmonious and prosperous urban landscape.


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