Amiri Opens Inaugural South African Store In Sandton City

Amiri, the trailblazing international luxury fashion brand, has unveiled its inaugural South African store at the prestigious Diamond Walk within Sandton City.


  • The opening ceremony marked a significant milestone for Amiri, celebrated as one of the fastest-growing entities in the luxury fashion market.
  • With a steadfast commitment to integrity, authenticity, and an unwavering dedication to quality, Amiri stands as a vanguard of modern luxury.
  • The Amiri boutique in Sandton City officially opens its doors to the public this week.
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Nestled in the heart of Sandton City, the Amiri store in Diamond Walk promises an immersive and opulent shopping environment that encapsulates Amiri’s distinctive aesthetic. Carefully curated interiors merge contemporary and classic design elements, creating a space that beckons fashion enthusiasts seeking the epitome of luxury. The boutique reflects Amiri’s commitment to denim craftsmanship, a core element of its narrative.


The exclusive operation of the South African store is under the capable management of YAWA, in a special formal partnership with retail pioneer Arie Fabian, Grammy award-winning artist Nkosinathi ‘Black Coffee’ Maphumulo, and DJ entrepreneur Themba Nkosi. Image: Amiri

The high-end luxury store officially welcomed guests with an intimate gathering this week, setting the stage for a new entry for luxury retail in South Africa.

This marks a bold synergy where style meets innovation, embodying a fusion of cultures, bringing forth a unique narrative in fashion that resonates with the spirit of the African landscape while redefining global trends.

// Arie Fabian


The boutique’s design seamlessly blends modernity with elements inspired by Amiri’s Los Angeles roots. Image: Amiri

Denim, meticulously designed and constructed through bespoke, in-house fabrication processes, takes center stage in Amiri’s collections. Tonal gradients, patchwork, and repair techniques evoke a homespun charm, with standout examples like the AMIRI Jacquard—a custom-woven textile milled in Italy. Men’s and women’s jean silhouettes, ranging from extra-wide to kick-flare, showcase Amiri’s innovative approach to denim wear. The deliberate limitation of denim styles production ensures each piece meets the highest quality standards, maintaining Amiri’s superior standard through collaborations with skilled craftspeople in the L.A. Arts District and Italy.

Collaborating with Amiri brings rhythm to couture, merging the pulse of sound with the allure of design, creating a symphony of style and substance.

// Nkosinathi ‘Black Coffee’ Maphumulo


An atmosphere of refined elegance pervades the Amiri store, offering clients an intimate environment to explore Amiri’s iconic pieces, including ready-to-wear collections, coveted accessories, and exclusive limited editions. Image: Amiri

The opening of Amiri’s Sandton City boutique aligns with the brand’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. Shoppers can expect personalized attention and expert guidance from the brand’s knowledgeable staff, ensuring an exceptional shopping experience that matches the luxury of Amiri’s offerings.

Bringing Amiri to South Africa has been a vision close to our hearts. The energy and style of this vibrant country resonate deeply with our brand ethos. We’re thrilled to introduce the Amiri experience to Johannesburg, the fashion hub of the country, offering a luxurious unique retail journey for the discerning shopper.

// Founder and Creative Director, Mike Amiri


As Amiri continues to expand its global footprint, the launch at the Diamond Walk in Sandton City marks a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey, solidifying its presence in the African luxury retail landscape.


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