Journey Well: 5 Things South African’s Will Love About Cruising

If you are reading this, you are probably planning your next holiday or vacation and considered cruising as an opportunity to have an unforgettable and exciting getaway.


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What are the 5 Things South African’s Will Love About Cruising? The Sandton Times recently embarked on a cruise from Cape Town, all around the coast of South Africa to Richards Bay, then back around Cape Agulhas to Namibia and then back to Cape Town, and this is one of many new cruise offerings entering the South African market, looking to entice both local and international cruise passengers. Yet what are some of the things South African travelers will particularly enjoy about taking a cruise holiday?


1. All You Can Eat Restaurants… What would a holiday be without a chance to indulge in some all-time favourite meals or experience some unique new flavours? Cruises often offer a myriad of different restaurants and menus to experience, and best of all, many provide an opportunity to try as many different dishes as you like. From healthy options to more adventurous mains or tried and tested desserts, there is something for all taste buds and plenty of new flavours to explore, without having to worry about the bill afterwards. Why not start off with an appetizer in one restaurant and finish up with dessert in another – the choice is yours!


2. On Our Doorstep… Whilst the Mediterranean is a very popular destination for many South African’s wanting to experience the thrill of a multi-day cruise, cities like Cape Town and Durban are now seeing increased interest by international cruise lines and the offering to step onto a ship for a cruise to Mozambique, Mauritius or even Dubai is on the increase. With that, a maximum 2-hour flight is all it takes to access a cruise terminal and cruise line of your choice to set sail on one of many increasing journeys coming online over the coming months!


3. Top Service… Cruise companies pride themselves on recruiting and training service orientated crews, ensuring pretty much every person you encounter on a ship is ready to assist or know where to find help, when needed. Sourced from all around the world, crews are generally made up of many nationalities, including South Africa, and offer a friendly smile, a warm greeting, and an attentive service orientated persona. Many cruise lines incentivize their crews as a result of positive customer feedback; hence the teams are motivated to deliver the best possible service making your holiday all that more enjoyable.


Views of Cape Town and the Cruise Terminal from the Norwegian Jade. Image: The Sandton Times

4. Good Security… To the greatest extent, security onboard mid- to premium vessels is stringent and visible. Most cruise ship passengers feel a sense of comfort and ease with the amount of surveillance and security on most cruise ships which starts from the moment you’ve stepped onto the ship till the moment you step off for excursions or disembarkation. During a journey on the Norwegian Jade earlier this year, one passenger’s door magnet, a common tradition in cruising circles, had been removed from their door, but within a day, it was promptly returned. Whilst there have been incidences on various cruise lines that have been reported widely in many international media, for the most, there is a stringent sense of law and order onboard.


5. No Load-Shedding… If there was anything South African’s are desperate to escape and especially on that annual break it is load-shedding, a unique piece of terminology for what are perpetual rolling blackouts. Having spent that holiday budget on a bit of rest, relaxation and the odd cocktail party, the last thing to have to deal with is a reminder of the everyday, whatever stage it may be on. Thankfully, cruise ships generate their own power and are except from load-shedding on the high-seas. There is also no humming sound of generators or smell of diesel in the air – instead these are replaced with the roar of waves crashing against the ship and the scent of the sea breeze.


Cruising is presenting a very exciting alternative for South African’s searching for something different to the usual beach-side holiday or resort escape. Better still cruises can actually offer all of this and more, as daily excursions can offer you a safari one day, then a beach day on another. It’s worth doing a bit of homework and finding that perfect cruise itinerary to match your budget and appetite.


If you’ve enjoyed these tips and some of the advice, be sure to read some of the other posts in this series and as always, journey well!


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