Miss Earth South Africa

20-Years Of Miss Earth South Africa

Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Development programme celebrated its 20th Anniversary year.


  • The anniversary was marked at an event held at Southern Sun’s luxury boutique hotel, 54 on Bath in Rosebank, on the eve of Earth Day.
  • In celebration of the 20th Anniversary, this year’s Earth Day project saw Miss Earth South Africa plant 20 wild olive trees donated by Wildlands at Ormonde Primary School south of Johannesburg.
  • Since 2003, Miss Earth South Africa has planted 53’218 trees in South Africa, and this number continues to grow.
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Miss Earth South Africa is a national beauty pageant that aims to promote environmental awareness, sustainable development, and community involvement. It is a franchise of Miss Earth International, a global environmental organization that advocates for a cleaner and healthier planet.


The pageant has been running for 20-years this year and has produced many remarkable winners and finalists who have made significant contributions to environmental conservation and sustainable development in South Africa and beyond. The pageant’s mission is to educate and inspire young women to become advocates for the environment and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.


One of the most notable winners of Miss Earth is current Miss Earth South Africa Director Catherine Constantinides, who won the title as the first Miss Earth South Africa in 2003. She has since become a prominent environmental activist and has been actively involved in various campaigns and initiatives aimed at addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable development. She has also represented South Africa in international environmental forums and has been recognized for her contributions to environmental conservation.

We are celebrating 20 years of the Miss Earth South Africa this year, and we are delighted to renew our enduring partnership with Southern Sun, which has been the official home of the Miss Earth South Africa since 2013.

// Executive Director of the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Development Programme, Catherine Constantinides


With a focus on solution oriented environmental education and awareness, the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Development Programme works with young women tackling the micro and macro concerns within the climate change and environmental sustainability space, including food security, waste management and protection of our oceans, among others.


Miss Earth South Africa contestants go through a rigorous selection process that involves interviews, talent shows, and environmental knowledge tests. The finalists are selected based on their knowledge of environmental issues, their commitment to sustainable development, and their potential to become environmental ambassadors. They are trained on various environmental topics, including climate change, waste management, and biodiversity conservation, to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective environmental advocates.


The pageant provides a platform for young women to showcase their leadership skills, creativity, and environmental knowledge. The contestants are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas and projects that can contribute to environmental conservation and sustainable development. They are also required to participate in various community initiatives and environmental campaigns to promote environmental awareness and inspire others to take action.


Miss Earth South Africa also collaborates with various organizations, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and private sector companies, to promote environmental conservation and sustainable development. These partnerships provide the pageant with the resources and expertise necessary to implement effective environmental programs and initiatives.

By working with young women throughout the country, we are developing a generation of role models who take action on the ground and inspire lasting positive change in our communities. Environmental education and awareness are critical in combatting climate change and the legacy of the programme, which speaks for itself, is evident in the results of the many effective projects we have initiated over the last two decades.

// Executive Director of the Miss Earth South Africa Leadership Development Programme, Catherine Constantinides


Miss Earth South Africa is a testament to the power of beauty and leadership in promoting positive social and environmental change. Entries for Miss Earth 2023 have opened. To enter, visit the Miss Earth website.


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