One of Netlix’s hottest shows, FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE, had us going from indifferent to overnight F1 fan in a weekend.


  • The series is executive-produced by Academy-Award winner James Gay Rees (Senna).
  • FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE looks at the fight to be number one in this multi-billion-dollar business.
  • Valtteri Bottas, Will Buxton, Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton are just a few of the drivers, featured in the series.
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Let’s be honest. We’ve never had even the slightest interest in Formula 1 (F1) and to many fans horror, could not understand the fascination with watching a series of cars drive round and round in circles for hours, with the same drivers coming out tops week in and week out.


And bless the tolerant fan, who at some point, whilst standing round a TV on a Sunday afternoon, attempted to explain the dynamics of that week’s Grand Prix to us – who’s driving; how the qualifier went; that it’s that driver’s last season with Red Bull; how the last Grand Prix was an incredible one for Ferrari…it all went over our head.



Then FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE pulled in, with unprecedented access to some of the greatest teams and racing car drivers of our time, and took our interest from 0 to 100km p/h in seconds, showcasing F1 like we’ve never seen it before, including the flamboyant characters and the immense price, everyone on the team has to pay, for a shot at podium glory. The fascination became real, very quickly.


Formula 1 is undergoing a huge revolution since the takeover in January 2017 by Liberty Media. All eyes are on the sport as they undergo a reinvention to build the sports’ sustainability and put passion at its heart.


FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE a gripping, high-octane 10-part series, takes you behind the scenes of motorsports greatest competition, with Season 1 covering the 2018 season, Season 2 following the 2019 season and the recently released 3rd Season, unpacking the most disrupted season of F1 to-date: 2020. What makes this beautifully crafted show by Netflix so addictive are the production values, combined with fabulous storytelling.


FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE introduces all the teams for that particular season, those responsible for the success or failure of those teams, the sponsors, the battle between drivers and their cars (and often their own teammates), the dynamics and money that goes into running a successful F1 team, with each character and ego bigger, bolder and more exuberant than the next.




With intense battles, fierce rivalries, unexpected podiums and a true understanding of how and why the sport works, FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE has gotten even the most disinterested hooked. The show goes all out in showing the politics, money and pressure almost all members of an F1 team face, with Formula not being the only F-Word in use during the course of the season.


As a new generation of drivers step out of the shadows of the older more experienced rivals and legends of the track, the scene is set for a new wave of gripping competition and challenges on the grid.




If you have never had the slightest inclination to watch F1, FORMULA 1: DRIVE TO SURVIVE is the perfect introduction to the sport and could most likely change your Sunday afternoon lunch plans for the foreseeable future, as there is no doubt you will become an instant fan of the sport.


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