MasterChef South Africa

MasterChef South Africa Comes To S3 In 2024

Prepare for a gastronomic extravaganza as MasterChef South Africa returns – this time to SABC’s S3 channel in 2024.


  • The show looks to serve up delectable dishes and culinary showdowns for the delight of all South Africans.
  • Primedia Studios has secured the rights to produce the new season.
  • The show will come to life with Cape Town-based production house Homebrew Films and headline sponsor Pick n Pay.
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With previous seasons of MasterChef South Africa being served up on M-Net, President of Primedia Studios, Jan du Plessis, expresses excitement about extending the reach of MasterChef South Africa, inviting more South African foodies and families to join the culinary adventure. With Homebrew Films at the production helm and Pick n Pay returning as the show’s sponsor, the new season promises to be a feast for the senses, catering to a broader audience while captivating existing fans.


MasterChef, the world’s most successful cookery television format, celebrates the passion and creativity of cooking. Following amateur chefs on their journey to become culinary champions, the show tests contestants in various food-making techniques, from crafting signature dishes to mastering complex recipes. The judging panel, comprised of culinary industry elites, evaluates dishes based on taste, presentation, and originality, leading to the grand finale where the winner is crowned ‘MasterChef’ and awarded R1-million.


MasterChef South Africa
MasterChef’s global success, recognized by Guinness World Records and K7 as the ‘Spin-Off Superstar’, underscores its popularity and impact. Image: MasterChef Australia

The show’s eighth spin-off, MasterChef: Dessert Masters, launched in Australia in 2023, marking a milestone of more than 10’000 episodes aired across 70 markets. Created in 1990 by Franc Roddam and rebooted in 2005, MasterChef is a super brand enjoyed worldwide.


Lala Tuku, Head of Local Content at SABC, expresses enthusiasm for adding MasterChef South Africa to S3’s 2024 schedule. The show not only promises thrilling entertainment but also shines a spotlight on South Africa’s rich culture and diverse cuisine, transforming the lives of contestants with culinary dreams.


MasterChef South Africa Season 5 is set to grace S3’s schedule from June 2024. While the judging panel is yet to be announced, details on how South African home cooks can showcase their skills in the MasterChef kitchen will be revealed at the end of January 2024.


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