Wear Your Flops On Friday

Flip Flop Day, now in its 5th year, is happening this Friday, 23 February 2024 and the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation is calling on all South African’s to sport some flops.


  • Individuals can join the movement by purchasing a sticker for R10 at their nearest PNA, Tekkie Town, or CHOC regional office.
  • CHOC is dedicated to providing comprehensive support programs to children, teenagers, and their families battling cancer.
  • From classrooms to boardrooms, Flip Flop Day supports those courageous children and teenagers fighting against childhood cancer.
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The devastating diagnosis of childhood cancer is a reality that no family should ever have to confront. Yet, every day, families across South Africa are faced with this daunting challenge. In the midst of this harrowing journey, however, they find solace and support through organizations like the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.


Natalie Beveridge shares her emotional story of ‘Tiny The Mighty’. Having lost her baby boy to cancer Natalie has shifted her energy to inspiring hope by honouring her son and his legacy. Image: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

To launch Flip Flop Day, the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff hosted the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa along with media, stakeholders and staff to rally everyone behind this important initiative. The landmark hotel was a fitting alignment, given that Canadian Isadore ‘Issy’ Sharp, founder and chairman of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, lost his son, Christopher, to cancer in 1978, and has since been a driving force behind the battle against the disease.


Meet Owami, a courageous 6-year-old boy who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. His parents were understandably devastated by the news, but they found a beacon of hope in CHOC. From the moment of diagnosis, CHOC extended a helping hand, offering emotional and practical support. Essential CHOC Carebags, nutritional aid, transportation assistance, psychosocial support, and even accommodation were provided, ensuring that Owami and his family never felt alone in their battle against childhood cancer.


Dr Nkuli Boikhutso, CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation Vice Chairperson, shares her journey with those attending the Flip Flop Day launch. Image: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

The level of care and support offered by CHOC left Owami’s parents in awe. They felt embraced by a loving family, which made all the difference in their journey. Despite the challenges, Owami continues to fight his battle with cancer, knowing that CHOC stands by him every step of the way.


As February rolls around, so does Flippie, South Africa’s beloved CHOC SOLE-dier, with a mission to rally support for children like Owami and their families. With Flip Flop Day approaching on 23 February 2024, Flippie calls upon all South Africans to wear their flip flops and purchase a Flip Flop Day sticker for R10. By wearing the sticker proudly, individuals can contribute to the cause and show solidarity with the brave children and teenagers battling cancer.

Your donation of R10 will make a significant difference in the lives of these young ones and their families.

// CEO of CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation, Hedley Lewis


Musician Nathan Ro entertains guests at the 2024 Flip Flop Day launch with some all-time classic covers on ukulele. Image: CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

With approximately 1500 children and teenagers under CHOC’s care at any given time, every contribution extends hope and support to those affected by childhood cancer. Flip Flop Day, now in its 5th year, is a testament to the collective compassion and solidarity of the South African community. On Flip Flop Day 2024, wear your flops with pride, knowing that a small gesture can make a world of difference to those in need.


For more information and to buy a sticker for R10 online, visit the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation website.


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