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Theatre lovers have opened their pockets to help Daphne Kuhn’s Theatre on the Square at Nelson Mandela Square keep the lights on, through a crowdfunding campaign.


  • With just under a week to go, anyone can support the ‘Keeping the Lights On’ campaign.
  • The Theatre on the Square has created work for thousands of actors, musicians, playwrights, directors, designers, and technicians over the years.
  • More than 2’500 productions have been staged at this 200-seat theatre since its inception.
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A hot favourite for a cultural night out, Joburg’s popular Theatre on the Square launched an appeal on Thundafund seeking to raise R2-million to stage a full reopening with a repertoire of dramas, musicals, comedians, and concerts. 138 ‘Backers’ came to the aid of the Theatre on the Square donating between R500 to R10’000 on the dedicated Thundafund page.


Crowdfunding does just that – pool together small pockets of funding from a large crowd to pledge whatever amount they choose. Now that the R200’000 minimum target or tipping point has been met, the Theatre on the Square is able to realise the money given to the campaign.


That target amount is enough to cover the first few months of reopening until the income from ticket sales carries it forward. Yet the dream goal of R2-million is still on the table and would ensure a full program of high-quality live entertainment for at least a year.


The Theatre on the Square has been financially viable and artistically successful for 25-years, thanks to corporate sponsors and personal investments by Daphne. But the Covid lockdown forced it to close, at the same time as seven years of corporate sponsorship from Auto & General came to an end.


Click here for more details on the Theatre on the Square ‘Keeping the Lights On’ campaign.


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