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The Sandton Times Launches Digital Billboard Campaign In Greater Sandton

The Sandton Times has embarked on a brand awareness campaign, targeting key traffic arteries with a minimalist and sleek aesthetic digital billboard campaign.


  • In the run-up to 2024, The Sandton Times looks to grow its reach and welcome a new audience to its platforms.
  • From now until mid-December 2023 The Sandton Times will be reinforcing its brand presence across greater Sandton.
  • The campaign has a projected reach extending to over 1-million contacts during the period.
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Timed strategically in the lead-up to 2024, this campaign aims to captivate the attention of both locals and visitors, creating curiosity that resonates far beyond the digital out of home campaign. The Sandton Times is set to become a presence in the daily drive of those navigating the busy streets of Northern Johannesburg.

The digital age has ushered in innovative ways of disseminating information, and The Sandton Times is at the forefront of this transformation. We are so fortunate to have been provided this opportunity to engage in this initiative which serves as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. The strategic placement of these billboards on key traffic arteries ensures that The Sandton Times’ brand reaches a diverse and captive audience.

// Founder & Managing Editor of The Sandton Times, Alexander Leibner


The Sandton Times
Descending Sandton Drive from Sandton towards Winnie Mandela Drive, this site is strategically placed just after the T-Junction Robot, offering high exposure during peak hours. Image: Tractor Outdoor

The campaign is strategically positioned on key traffic arteries that are the pulse of Sandton’s economic activity. The curated locations include:

  1. Monte (Fourways): Nestled between Monte Casino and Design Quarter, this billboard on Winnie Mandela Drive is strategically located to capture the attention of those heading towards the N1 highway and Sandton. During peak traffic hours, this section of the road provides high visibility and extended dwell time.
  2. Craighall (Jan Smuts Avenue): Situated on Jan Smuts Avenue, this site targets traffic from Hyde Park, Rosebank, and surrounding suburbs traveling into Randburg. With a high traffic volume and surrounded by a vibrant lifestyle hub, including restaurants, fast food outlets, bars, and shops, this location ensures exposure to a diverse and engaged audience.
  3. Peter (Peter Place): Positioned on Peter Place, linking the affluent greater Bryanston to Winnie Mandela Drive, this position serves as an alternate main road into Sandton. Located opposite the main entrance of St Stithians private school, it not only targets business professionals but also the decision-makers of households in the area.
  4. Growthpoint Park (Midrand): Dominating the N1 highway between Joburg and Pretoria, this large format digital billboard captures the attention of all traffic heading towards Pretoria. Placed in South Africa’s busiest stretch of road, this location ensures visibility to a vast and diverse audience, close to the Mix 93.8 studios, home to The Sandton Times Hour every Monday night.
  5. Grundfos (R24): Facing commuter traffic on the R24 Freeway in Meadowbrook, this billboard targets travellers from the Gillooly’s interchange and the N12/R24 split towards the Johannesburg International Airport. Placed strategically, it captures the attention of a demographic on the move.
  6. M1 United Furniture Outlets (Marlboro): Positioned on the M1 Highway at M1 Place, this digital spectacle greets highway traffic heading towards Sandton, just before the Marlboro Drive offramp.
  7. Minty’s (Rosebank): Located on Jan Smuts Avenue off Jellicoe Avenue and across from The Pantry, this billboard on a major street in Johannesburg targets high congestion traffic.


Whether you’re stuck in traffic during the morning rush hour or driving home after a long day, the latest out of home campaign will be impossible to miss. So, keep an eye out for The Sandton Times’ digital campaign reaching from Winnie Mandela Drive to Jan Smuts Avenue, Peter Place, the N1 highway and more!


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